Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Yes, it's about that time we feel we need to add a little update to keep you posted of what's occurring at Connoisseur HQ

So it's A/W already, this year has flown by a little too quickly and now we find ourselves right into what becomes a rather hat-mad period for us. 
As I write we've received what is quite frankly as per previous years an unrivalled and broad range of titfers as you can get!  

Our McMurphy's are first up, the McMurphy's are one of our own personal favourites and I don't tend to venture outdoors without one in the colder months. 
We've got a selection of colours of these and the first three will be released this Friday at our usual time of 7pm. We've got deerstalkers, bugattis, flat caps galore. All lovingly and ethically made by master craftsfolk at the top of their game in the UK and Europe. We love our hats as you've probably guessed after all these years and this year is no exception! Feel free to check the shop out now for a preview of what's coming. 

Then we have the Connoisseur 'Anoraks'. A long work in progress and a labour of love to ensure we got these right. All made in the UK we've had our own brand new design crafted over four different colours and fabrics and finally this November they'll be getting released, as always limited production for each.  

We're currently working on new Weirs this year, but let it be noted these have been scaled down this year with no specific/exclusive wholesale hat on offer like we did last year and a limited number of designs this time. When we started the Weirs we were THE only people of our ilk manufacturing and selling these style of hats - with specific design inspiration from all sorts of weird and wonderful and indeed completely impractical places and sources! As is inevitable over the years as the cult was born, people soon get onto it and it becomes less exclusive for us, sad but true! Worry not though we will still be offering our hats both the Weirs in new colours as we reach the 100 mark and they'll be a couple or three collabo offerings we've already sorted thus far including as per previous years a charity edition hat (more info on that soon). We're finalising some new special editions too. 

What else? We've still got a few pairs of the excellent cord shoes we've done with Veras available, not many and they're also available at Veras too. Our last ever shirt we've done with tuktuk and our favourite is now online too. And we're just finalising a wonderful calendar that will be available real soon. A lovely mix of CC and lovely ladies what's not to like? 

Other than that, we've been trying and continue to work on a new website for the new year, our current hosts have been a pain and we've found the simple task of updating the site to be impossible in recent months, frustrating! So bear with us there. Finally next year we'll be restructuring and sorting our wholesale situation to make things run more smoothly for both us and the stockists we supply. Time issues and outstanding monies have been an issue and we want to restructure it so it runs better for us all and it's something we will be focusing on in the new year. 
Other than that, we'll be keeping on keeping on, still crazy to think this is our tenth year at it! 
So as always thank you for your continued support fellow Connoisseurs. TC

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Yes, the second edition of a hybrid Weir with our friends down the road TRiCKETT.
This time there's a real Autumnual flavour with this new colourway. Each woolly hat is hand made in the UK from a beautiful blend of Shetland wool, produced strictly in limited numbers. Released this Wednesday from both webshops at the usual time of 7pm! TC

Monday, 3 October 2016


Round 2 of the proper Manchester cloth shoes! 
Cord Shoes with Veras. Going online this Wednesday 7pm GMT. 
Available from both ourselves and Veras. Limited numbers produced in Spain over four colours. See more at TC

Friday, 30 September 2016


Coming in a pizza style box complete with artwork, inside we have a brand new exclusive tee design featuring featuring the top dog himself Winston and his ever present side kick Beki (a bit of a 'top girl' herself in the late 80s and early 90s). Fantastic artwork in the style of a comic book / graphic novel. 
Then there's the first ever Weir scarf - a lovely soft warm scarf for the coming cold months featuring double Winston embroidery on the bottom too.
There's stickers an exclusive poster print and a new Winston pin badge all available only as part of this limited set. 
Online this Sunday, 7pm GMT.

Friday, 23 September 2016


We've slashed the prices on our collaboration shirts with tuktuk. These are ace shirts at a ridiculous price. Get involved.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Tomorrow see's the release of the next two tees in an ongoing series...
The next in the series of our reinterpretations of 1970's old school Royal Mail workplace dress code posters See here.
This time "For Thrills, For the Hills" features the iconic Omega Flame and a pair of Mephisto Rainbow and "For Town, For Country" featuring a pair of Manchester and an old Clarks Caravan. Online the usual time of 7pm GMT. TC

Thursday, 15 September 2016


New season, new kits. Following on from last years Connoisseur FC shirts, that being the entirely fictional football club branch of this label (though we did have a 5-a-side team and the Mundial tournament and didn't do too badly), we present this season's offering of navy home shirt and pink away shirt. New sponsor on board this year too! Online Friday 7pm GMT. TC

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Two more new releases MISS CONNOISSEUR and GOTTA LOTTA BOTTLE go online tomorrow at theusual time of 7pm GMT. Click each link for more details. TC 

Thursday, 1 September 2016


Now then, this is something we've never really done before but with summer nearing it's end and A/W hot on it's heels we're in need of a bit of space for incoming shoes, outerwear and lot's and lot's of hats! So for this weekend only, that's from midnight tonight until 23:59 on Sunday you can take 20% off your order by entering 20SEPT at checkout. All current available stock online is valid, including newly released tees and shirts. So fill your boots! You must remember to add the code at checkout and before the order is completed and it's subject to availability. This is a one time code and won't be available after the above times stated. TC

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Our next tee to go online is 'LIKE IT' which is a reworking and a big tip of the hat to a really old vintage tee, never seen since. It's online tomorrow 7pm GMT. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


'Bachelor Boys' and 'Nite Klub'. Featuring commissions from A Guy Called Minty and Josh Parkin
Bachelor Boys is a nod to the crazy variety show of the 80s and a tribute to the untimely passing of Rik Mayall. 'Nite Klub' is a nice monochrome design with a Specials theme, featuring some Wallabees. Both online tomorrow at 7pm GMT. More tees to follow next week. TC

Monday, 15 August 2016


This one is out tomorrow. The 'Dakin' shirt. Our next round of shirts with tuktuk this  is a very fine Light Blue check on a White shirt, a bit like graph paper or if you like. Perhaps something a 1960's villain would wear, hence the name. It's clean and smart, smart but casual. Perfect for wearing whilst nailing one of your rivals to the floor or going to work or the pub in.
Details include button down collar, with a new asymmetrical double worker type pocket design, locket loop and box pleat. Dual branded woven logo to top pocket. As always limited numbers produced. Online Tuesday 7pm GMT.