Tuesday, 2 October 2018


Tomorrow see's a release of two new striped t-shirts. Red and White and Navy and White featuring our small Connoisseur 'Take it Easy' print. 

Then Thursday see's the release of another of our Connoisseur England tees. This time on a nice washed style Denim tee. 
Both online Weds and Thurs at the usual time of 7pm.  

Monday, 24 September 2018


Our next footwear release will be our new Petrol El Mono boot made in collaboration with Veras.
A splendid new colour edition to the series. Released in limited numbers, this is one of the lightest boots you will ever wear, not to mention coolest.
Online this Thursday at 7pm. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018


After a bit of a wait, we've finally got some new t-shirts in!
First up a new fresh batch of Build Your Own Riot on a splendid Sea-Blue colour. 
They're going straight online tomorrow evening. 

Next up we've got one of our early tees and cult favourite Northern Music Factory in two new colours, military vibes with sand and Army Green.
Available Friday at 7pm.  

Wednesday, 29 August 2018


Here we go... 
Three new lids on sale tomorrow night at 7pm
First up we've got our SCUM cord cap in brown, followed by our 'I Love The Smell' cap in green cord and also our black subtle nod to Goodfellas. Those that know, know etc.

Monday, 6 August 2018


Two new lyrical tees released this Wednesday.
First up is our 'Yeah Boy' one, the nod to the famous Manchester cloth and from NWA themselves, taken from their song Dopeman. 
Second we've got a great quote from Talking Heads wonderful Nothing But Flowers on our 'Angry Young Man' tee.
They both just work so that's why we've done them. 
Both online together at the same time of 7pm. 

Monday, 30 July 2018


Next up is our PINTMEN t-shirt. Celebrating the drink/pubs and pints pretty much.
Online tonight at 7pm on Blue and White. More details here

Then we've got our next pin, online this Wednesday at 7pm.  Read about it here. 

Then on Thursday this bad boy is unleashed. Limited to 100 shirts and available from Far Afield and ourselves. I think these might go rather quickly tbh!

To follow, the first of four rather random but totally dapper caps. Release date tbc on this and them.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018



FIRST UP - Our new Connoisseur FC strip, this will go online tomorrow at 7pm, this 'season's is a dark blue and white number, there's also a small number of Dark Green alternative too. 

NEXT UP - THIS IS THE VOICE OF THE PFEFFIBOYS. Our tribute to trips to Berlin, places we go, people we meet and a little peppermint liquor. Online Monday 23rd at 7pm.. 
AND THEN - We've got two new products that pay tribute to the greatest TV series ever and the greatest character ever, Tony Soprano. Played with superb panache by the much loved and massively missed James Gandolfini.
First up is the socks released Thursday 26th at 7pm. 
The shirt won't be far behind either and both will be available from both ours and Far Afield webshops.

PINTMEN and more to follow soon too. Check back soon. 

Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Big batch of tees finally arriving to CCHQ. First up Build Your Own Riot online tomorrow at 7pm. 

Next up a refresh stock of the stripey Paninaro tees, online Tuesday 19th at 7pm.

And then next week we'll have a restock of the Rush and a Push tee on Marl and a lovely new pink shade. Plus, finally a return of the graphic Paninaro tees on two new colours by demand! They'll be online Monday 25th and Wednesday 27th June at the usual time of 7pm. 

More to follow check back for details. Oh and do check your size on the guide as we've introduced our new t-shirts and sizing may differ from previous. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2018


A super fresh new collabo with Veras Shoes. 

The 'Overlook' boot continues our obsession with Kubrick's classic. Perfect for poncing up and down the corridors of a strangely carpeted Colorado hotel. Or maybe just your local pub.
A classic, proper lightweight nine eyelet boot, made by hand in Spain, coming in a contrast two tone Whisky and Burgundy suede with contrast Orange round laces. Subtle duel branding stamped on the insole. Completed with a Vibram® Morflex sole unit with solid shock absorbing capabilities.

Handmade in Spain exclusively for us as a one-off run, never mass-produced and as always made in very limited numbersThese are some of the comfiest and coolest boots you will ever wear. Some shine and some don't. These do! Grab a pair this Thursday online at 7pm (GMT) shop.casualco.com 

Thursday, 3 May 2018


Three new t-shirts going online over this week and next.  We've got our Yuuurs tee, a new and the original version of the Paninaro striped tee and our new Shining tees.

First up our Yuuurs tee on Ecru and Orange, tonight at 7pm.

Paninaro tees new Gry stripe with raised pink print. Released Tuesday May 8th at 7pm.
And finally our Shining Connoisseur tees. On Yellow and Sky Blue. Released Monday 14th May at 7pm. 

Monday, 16 April 2018


Next Tuesday at the usual time of 7pm see's the release of The Piccadilly anorak. 

This is a new popover style jacket we have made in collaboration with Weekend Offender - a further outing of the Weekend Connoisseur mashup of both brands. 
This takes name and inspiration from our surroundings, there's a Piccadilly in both London and Manchester. There's a 'trainspotting' theme throughout this one, but that doesn't mean you have to go and hang around stations drinking Tizer and taking notes.
Fabric is 100% cotton poplin bonded with yarn dyed chambray outer. Features two top chest pockets with 'Rite in the Rain' waterproof notepad. Sleeve pocket, two kangaroo handwarmer pockets, pocket to rear. Half zipper to side for easy removal over the head. Drawstring hem and waist, collaborative branding and press studs. In addition to the jacket we also have the Piccadilly Weir hat, which will be released as part of the collaboration. The hat and jacket will firstly be available in 50 pieces to purchase exclusively together on Tuesday 17th April at 7pm (from both websites) If there are any remaining they will go on separate sale the day after. Please note, the hat and jacket will not be allowed to be returned separately if for any reason you change your mind both will have to be returned as it is sold as one transaction. 

Friday, 6 April 2018


Two new striped tees released next Monday at the usual time of 7pm (GMT)
Our Mersey 'Marina' style tees. A humourous nod to the famous river that not many people know actually starts right here in Stockport. We've got two new nice striped tees with a subtle chest print of 'Connoisseur England' which is a little homage to the stuff we wore back in the day. 

Monday, 26 March 2018


'Refuge' (noun) - a place or situation providing safety or shelter.
It's also the name of a suave (after extensive renovation) bar in town (Manchester), that this geometric patterned new guy just might have taken it's inspiration from. 
Like we always say, sometimes the strangest things catch your eye and you find yourself saying 'that would look good on a hat' and sometimes we do it and they just work. He's like a younger cousin of his much more famous Overlook brother. The colours work well, it's one of our favourites. It's online tomorrow night at 7pm GMT.