Monday, 25 August 2014


The Wenlock Jacket is a meeting of minds between ourselves and London based independent label Collective Noun.
Taking name and inspiration from The Wenlock Arms public house in North London and the nearby Regents Canal, this classic style 
windbreaker jacket follows on from our last three cagoule releases (the Beat a Storm) and takes lead and inspiration from that traditional outdoor style. This premium version is a real passion project as you'll see in the video below, every aspect is made in England.
The outer is made from water resistant, breathable poly microfiber (from Lancashire) with Airtex lining (from Stockport). This features two hand-warmer pockets and a handy top slash pocket for your phone, cash and your Oyster card/Mega Rider. Featuring original style flat twill drawstring cords and hard sourced traditional bell style toggles. In keeping with the old school hiking theme, the sleeve patch features a narrowboat on the canal, which cuts through the ever-changing cityscape of central- East London. 

The Wenlock Arms, built in 1835, is a survivor of the wartime bombing of the area and is a renowned cask ale public house. This has been named North London Pub of the Year by the local CAMRA branch on four occasions since it reopened in 1994.

Limited to 100 pieces (50 per colour) each hand numbered. 
Available Mon 25 Aug 7pm TC

Monday, 18 August 2014


OK folks, we can imagine it can be a little frustrating waiting for news and certain items to drop, but rest assured we're hard at it! The perils of being a two man team means we are slightly dictated with when and how we release things, there's not enough hours in the day most days. Trust us, we'd love to put everything out at once, but I think the internet would explode!
There's a lot happening behind the scenes; we're working on a new website, more outerwear releases are being drawn up as we type. On that note, arriving and previewed this week will be the 'Wenlock jacket', a windbreaker we have made in collaboration with Collective Noun, this is a project all designed and made in London. Typically we named this one after a favourite pub, this will be available this month, watch this space. Following that we have the recently announced collaboration with Weekend Offender too - one of several planned outerwear offerings over the next 12 months that promises to be as different to the next, more news on that soon.

Then of course it's hat season - a very busy time for us will see more of the same, a wide range of offerings from our ace new baseball caps made with Ebbets Field Flannels in the USA (Sept) , our Heron hat due any day now too, then the outstanding reversible bucket hat with Berlin Groundet (Sept), if you thought our public transport inspired headwear couldn't get any crazier then you've seen nothing yet! Berlin's crazy U-Bahn seats have been turned into a reversible hat in Goretex. We also have our premium made flat-caps and a new deerstalker in the works and the McMurphy hats to come as well. Then, we'll come to our made in England signature Weir hats, which are already in the works for Nov/Dec. Yes, by sheer demand the 'Overlook' will also be available again, too.

Loads of tees we've been waiting on are now arriving and will be released as soon as we get the full quota: the 'bootleg' inspired designs such as the 'CC' and 'Dead Hard' made with Curva Nord will be available soon, as will the 'Run, Walk' and our Russian double bill with Outskirts Moscow. Also incoming will be several restocks such as 'Tinted Lens', 'Wolf Of Wall Street' in new colours and the classic 'Working Men's Club'Last but not least, several new pins will be available too, with some due any day and loads more currently on order. 

Thanks for your patience and ongoing support x  DC

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


'This Thing of Ours' - tee features artwork by Peter O'Toole of the famous collectable Pin Men - interacting and drinking, talking bollocks and having a good time, whilst dressed like kings. Well it's finally online tomorrow evening at 7pm GMT.  Please note: these will ship on Monday 11th August.

Friday, 1 August 2014


Our Northern Music Factory "Club Mix" edition goes online tonight at 7pm (GMT)
What is it? Well it's a super new multicolourful print technique that's a lovely soft print to boot. 

ALSO an important notice about delivery. Unfortunately the perils of being a very small team here at CC HQ means at times we have to commit to other events/meetings for the greater good of the brand and of course do the 'boring' side of the business too, the paperwork and accounts, this is one of those weeks and so is half of next as we work to get things in order. Unfortunately there's also the great urgency to get some of these new tees we've been waiting a while for online, with them typically all coming at once. So we'll try and get new tees regularly online the only downside is this one and purchases from yesterday may well likely take a day or two longer than our normal fast service, so apologies in advance if you are affected. TC

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Our next collaboration with Walsh, the only British owned, designed and manufactured sports footwear company left, have been manufacturing in Bolton, The North West since 1961.
After last years trainer we decided to revisit them again for this summer with a new model and new details and colours. 
The Ensign Connoisseur edition is a limited run of trainers, made right here and very, very exclusive which is what it's all about for us!
There's two colour ways this year, "Acacia Road" and "Linear North", the names being nods to each respective colour way.  The Ensign The Ensign silhouette was originally created for the Bolton Harriers and the New York marathon they completed in 1981 .
This release is dedicated to the founder, creator and pioneer, the late Norman Walsh 1931-2014.
They're online tomorrow evening at 7pm. TC 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Our next hook up with Curva Nord is a 'remix' of a previous design from a few years ago. The second collabo following the Dexys tribute last year is a new play on their previous BOCA Juniors themed tee. A twist on the characters this time. 
We're saying All Connoisseur's Are Brilliant, or All Curvas are Bazzin', Andrew, Chris And Benjamin, All Cats Are Beautiful might mean something else too, perhaps? a world renowned acronym which will appeal to many I'm sure. But, that's up to you to decide. Given the Buenos Aires club's most famous son was Diego, there's also a tie in with Frank Zappa and a famous lyric from the 1983 single of the same name - another Curva Nord idea which never left the drawing board. 
Tee goes live online at 7pm tomorrow evening.  TC

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


From Stockport to Stockholm!
The latest collaboration with our Swedish brethren  Our Culture. They Shall Not Pass (¡No PasarĂ¡n!) has served as the war cry of Revolutionaries and frontline soldiers throughout history. This Situationist style artwork in one colour print was one of the coolest things we've seen and now one of the coolest tees you'll see all year.
It's also available in a print too. Online Thursday 10th July at 7pm TC

Monday, 30 June 2014


The elusive (until now) 'Manchester Cloth'...Made in Spain with Veras
Online tomorrow evening from 7pm GMT TC

Monday, 23 June 2014


That's right, tees. Plural! 
We loved the film that much we went and did two tees. At last they're here!
First up is a twist on one of the early shock scenes in the film Despite being released right at the start of this year, it's most likley our personal favourite this year and even sneaked into our all time Top 100 list.
A defining moment in The Wolf Of Wall Street film was us sitting in a trendy, arthouse cinema surrounded by middle aged couples tucking into their frozen yoghurts and home made packed lunches. Up pops ladies man and all round nice guy Leonardo Di Caprio (in character of course) doing something fairly unspeakable with a sweaty, naked girl-for-hire. Those couples gasped as this incident happened, an action only a very successful Wall Street trader with way too much time and money could do. We chuckled loudly. This one kind of came up by accident. On further viewings we commented on how a screenshot came out looking like our very own CC logo, yeah the top looks like a nice arse, basically. Thus one of the maddest designs we've done yet was born.

Secondly, how can you do a WOWS tee and not cover the whole ludes thing? So yeah there's two options and this one is about the lemmons, the This one pays homage to the 'Lemons', the Ludes, or Methaqualone to give it's proper name - the drug of choice for the man who has tried everything there is to try. Unavailable now, these were actually prescribed to pregnant women, but fast became the happy pill for the man of excess. 

Anyone who watched this film will have come out with the same thing on their mind. What exactly are Quaaludes, and where can we get some? 
Both of these tees come with the usual button badge but because we're oh so nice we're even throwing in a special customised cut out vinyl sticker that features the artwork, whilst they last! TC
Online Wednesday 25th June at 7pm (GMT)