Saturday, 12 June 2010

Re-released - Bronco Bullfrog.

Only ever available as a bootleg through scooter rallies and auction sites, Barney Platts-Mills 1969 slice of realism Bronco Bullfrog is re-released this weekend, and finally available on dvd in a couple of months time. Only ever shown once on telly, this film became a sought after cult classic that was seldom seen. Following the suedehead subculture this is an authentic lo-fi council estate kitchen sink drama, a perfect time capsule of old London as the sixties became the seventies, skins morphed into suedies.CD

Details: 1969,86 mins, Dir: Barney Platts-Mills. Cast: Anne Gooding, Del Walker, Dick Philpott, Fred Shepherd, Sam Shepherd.


  1. Not true I'm affraid, this DVD have been available a couple of years from the directors website:

    There's a nice poster there as well...

  2. This is the first genuine release of this film, backed by the BFI which I assume is a new cleaned up print.

    That might be the Director's site, but this is the first official release.

  3. Nah, this is a restored re-release. The 2006 is the first official release including a behind a documentary ("Everyone’s an Actor Shakespeare Said"). It went up on quite a lot of cinemas at the time as well.

    It's in the BFI:s report for 2006:

  4. Thats my auntie who played the main part. Ann gooding but they accidently spelt it anne publicly.She was picked to play the part wen working in a sweet shop. Being sensitive as im unsure if this is something i should post but she sadly died on her 50th birthday in 2003 of an annerism.