Friday, 18 February 2011


Firstly apologies for the delays, we've had some right old setbacks this week which has meant for the first time ever we've had to delay a release with the 'Beat a Storm' cagoules. Without wanting to bore you with the details too much - here at CCHQ we've had to have a whole new floor and joists fitted which saw any work and productivity grind to a severe halt! On top of all that we've had seizures and 24 hour hospital stays to contend with plus re-decorating the mess. The downside is the cagoules didn't make it out on their planned release date unfortunately, we apologise for this but it was out of our hands.
So in the interest of fairness, most people are at the football or in a pub on a Saturday we thought it better all round to release them on Sunday now. CD

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  1. Hi,
    just wanted to say I really admire this product. Now can I please beg you to do a Peter Storm green smock version a la Awaydays? Pleeease!!
    PS> I've blogged about your Beat a storm: