Friday 7 October 2011


Well, after last weeks surprise heatwave it's back to our typical British weather, leaves on the floor, all day drizzle and going dark dead early, it's cold, it's miserable, it's great!
The Autumn is well and truly upon us, time for the big jackets, hats, scarves (ours out soon) and boots to come out, we can all pretend to be Bonington and Brown as we nip out for a paper. With that in mind we turn our attention to covering up, and hailing from a town that knows more than a thing or two about hats we'll be doing our bit to carry on the tradition with our winter hats on the way, our signature 'Weir' bobble hat is into it's fourth year, doesn't time fly? we have two installments of three colours, all deliberately limited to just fifty per colourway and as always made in the UK.
To accompany the Weir we will this year be offering the 'McMurphy' hat, no prizes for guessing where this takes it's name, this is a premium ribbed woolen hat, or watch cap to give it's proper name, with nice speckly bits of colour yarned in, made for us by Midland based quality hatters Highland 2000.

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