Thursday 19 September 2013

The Rig Out x Timberland “Into The Trees” Project.

A massive knock at the door sent me spinning out of bed the other day, was it the Police? bad people? no it was a lovely man from Fed Ex, he was a bit early for me - always been a night time kind of guy. My Butler usually takes the mail! Ppph.
The massive knock was followed by a massive parcel, direct from New York City! Like most folk of a similar ilk who buy too much shite off the internet, there's always something coming in the post every other day. If it's not packaging and boring things it might be a new coat or summat! But I wasn't expecting anything from the Big Apple. I made a brew, took the dog for a piss and savoured the moment, which I'm sure loads of other people do aswell too?
I had received some rather nice Timberland boots, the World Hiker, in an ace wooden box complete with a very well made book celebrating the classic Yellow boots, which most of us must have owned at some point in our lives, right? 
For someone who very rarely gets any perks, I was dead happy, big up the Kitson crew. These look like something Robocop would wear if he'd been whacked and re-incarnated in Minnesota and not Detroit. They are some big bastard seriousness and they're going to get exactly what they deserve this winter, battered to fuckery!
This ties into the ever excellent The Rig Out magazine, who have made the very slick short film above with Timberland, artist Noah Kalina and Mr Mort, you know him off the internet who takes photos of normal, stylish people in the street. Made in celebration of their 40th Anniversary year. More can be seen in their next issue, including illustrations from our regular cohort Slugger O'Toole. For information and availability on the classic Yellow boot and World Hiker check out Timberland #TBL40 DC

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