Monday 27 January 2014


As I'm sure some of you will know the Oneupmanship Journal is/was run by one half of us and is currently dormant, this isn't because we're too busy (we are) but because it won't let him gain access to make new posts!!
That's right, around August last year Blogger and Google did some form of merger and since then it's seemingly conflicted itself not allowing any access. Blogger have been really helpful....NOT! 
So for the last few months he's been unable to add his independent mutterings. This remains something he's trying to rectify, but at present there appears to be no answer - aside from starting again, which he'd rather not have to do. If anyone does have a scooby on how to remedy it, or actually knows someone at Google or something, then please let us know.

In the meantime over the festive period we added a new tumblr account to the website, full of product shots, a little T&A and other random stuff that makes us tick, so do check it out. TC

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