Tuesday, 9 February 2016


This week see's two more colourways heading into the Weir collection.
Firstly on Tuesday things get dark with the 'Stealth' Weir online at 7pm. One of the latest in the stealth, subtle range of colours, because they can't always be bright. This one is the darkest yet with three shades of black from the pantone chart, that's right. Black, lighter black and an even lighter black (not grey). As you will be aware by now the Weirs don't hang about and disappear as soon as they go online, this one will probably break the internet going off the interest, but as always limited numbers produced. 

Secondly on Friday see's the release of the 'Connoigonia' Weir.
Yeah the colours on this one are inspired by everyone's favourite environmentalist outdoor brand with a conscience! When things just make sense. This one is made out of old carrier bags, Spira wrappers and plastic Dandelion and Burdock bottles. It isn't really. A nod and a wink. Online Friday at 7pm. TC

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