Wednesday 13 December 2017


Tomorrow see's the release of our first Weir this winter. The Pulsar II. This is a flip of the colours of last years hat though this one is complimented with a nice bright green bobble. Inspiration is obvious for this one but we'll let you decide for yourself. 
We got some nice pics recently, so check them out here. 
This is our first Weir release and there's less designs than previous years. When we started doing these hats in our own unique style nine years ago we were the only people doing them, fast forward to the last year or so and there's a dozen or more doing them in an almost identikit way, some brazenly! It's frustrating but when you create something successful it's bound to happen eventually! So I guess we have to look at it as less is more and we move on and try and thing of more crazy, more different ideas for the next ones. There's more to follow this one, with the Alan Partridge one next week and more in the new year so keep you're eyes peeled. This one goes online tomorrow at 7pm. Limited numbers, fastest fingers first and all that cal. 

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