Monday, 7 December 2009


I took delivery of our 2010 calendars this morning, these are made by a second party in conjuction with Red Bubble, we actually make about a quid off the overall price and that's being totally honest, but they're miles better than what we could make ourselves at this moment.
I cannot praise the quality of them enough, the great photography has been done justice on glossy card, and they're really well put together hence me plugging them again. Certainly adds a bit more class to your workspace, kitchen or bedroom than some cheesy titfest from Hollyoaks et al.
The World of the Connoisseur & Saturday Best #2


  1. Now then

    Will these be available to download each month to put on my desktop?

    I would very much like this to happen, thank-you please.

    Cordial regards

    ^see the berghaus ones