Tuesday 1 December 2009


2 New Tees are in the production process. 'Abbey Road' The famous Beatles image gets the CC treatment with new characters. A collaboration with design work all the way from Russia, courtesy of Artyom Chernov and Mila Miyanovich of Moscow.

And something even more different too featuring mini colourful subbuteo men, of which we have given the working title the 'subb-collar' tee.
More details when they emerge!!
There's loads of new exciting (and as always) alternative designs due for the new year which we're working on right now.

We're also working on expanding and progressing the brand to bring new items including the stop, start CC Polo. It will hopefully be worth the wait - being done 'properly'. And another thing too, though we're keeping quiet on this - this time just incase!

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