Sunday, 19 September 2010


English, Irish, Scots (no, not another shit joke) need not apply. You might have spotted some rather Casual Connoisseur looking stuff knocking about of late, well, don't be alarmed there's no squashed toes here, we were comissioned to produce them for a Welsh comrade. We are a global brand with global appeal so please don't think we're English traitors. Wales don't get a lot to shout about football wise, so beating England many moons ago is something they can milk until the cows have gone home and got in bed! And so they have in the form of an ace (if you're Welsh) CC produced t-shirt, check it out.
Our England Heroes tee still available too at a great price, easily the coolest England t-shirt from summer.

1 comment:

  1. That is a great design! Well done, but less of the 'milking it' remark please..... to be fair, can you imagine how often we have to endure mentions of 1966? ;)
    Hopefully get a tee from the 2nd batch. Once again, great work!