Friday 17 September 2010


We've just received back some yarn wrappings for the forthcoming Weir bobble hat, this year there will be a choice of three colours, but once again very limited. Picking colours for these was more difficult than you might think, a hard task choosing and an even harder one matching to a Pantone chart. We're not going to harp on about inspirations and themes as to be honest there aren't any. We just picked what we thought will look dead smart.
There's the subtle and the funky - a proper old school ski hat style with Gold, Navy and a dash of neon pink, it reminds us of mountaineers standing out in the snow. There's a sensible Navy, Grey and Yellow always a good colour combo, it reminds us of the 80's, then there's a Dark Brown, White and a tangy light blue, this says snow covered peaks to me, teaming icy colours with the ever reliable dark brown. The nights are drawing in, the weather has dropped, Out when it's time to put the heating on. CD

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