Friday 26 July 2013






Now then, there's a bumper order in for some of our forthcoming new tee designs, a right mixed bag, as always. 
We've got tributes to Telly giants Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire, from Minty and our resident illustrator Mr O'Toole, as well as a new version of an original design from our early inception in Scum. Then there's classy new Chicks in Kicks III from Saul Art, a classy bird brilliantly illustrated by a cool young lady.
We've done a classic nod to one of our favourite ever films in Goodfellas and there's the tribute to the man of the moment (in Norwich, right now) and unlikely style icon. Mr Alan Gordon PartridgeAll tees are in production as well as a couple more and will be with us over the coming weeks. 
THEN to follow we have some new Organic s/s Polo shirts nearing completion, our new Connoisseur Cagoules are also on the way as well as our fantastic premium Union II shirt in collaboration with our amigo New Fangle over in Portugal and AND footwear, yeah! The El Mono boot in collaboration with Welsh-spanish drooghies Veras is also arriving very soon. TC

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