Monday, 8 July 2013


We are happy to be one of the first stockists of this great new product, we reckon this will be a hit in the not too distant future a real Dragon's Den idea. A 100% natural product for multiple use, made from Coconut, this can be used as a body wash, shampoo, facial wash, shaving foam and post shave balm and even Toothpaste!
What is it? who is it for you ask?
1) The Gym boy/girl: The Gym Bar was developed for Gym goers - It will cut through the grime of a workout, leaving you fresh!
2)The Traveller: So all-in-one you won’t need to carry anything else!
3)The Organic Lover: Handmade from lovely Organic Coconuts in Thailand.
4)The Beauty Conscious: Vitamin E encourages healing of the skin and reduces scarring from injury. Overall, Vitamin E shields skin from damage due to its protective properties.
5)The Earth Lover: No aluminium or plastic is used in the making of our handmade soap, the manufacturing processes are organic and without heat; Protecting the natural vitamins and minerals of the Coconut to make the perfect soap.
Check out the Gym Bar for more info and finer details, available in store later this week DC


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  2. Why do they have no contact details at all on their site?