Tuesday 10 June 2014


Ah The World Cup! Whilst football has pretty much eaten itself now, there's still magic left when every four years the Countries come together to battle it out for the unprecedented title. Is it the same as it once was? Well not quite, but it's still enough to get the juices flowing. Our personal favourite without doubt was Italia 1990. Written off by the press and many others, it was a dark period for both football and the Country with football disasters, hooliganism rife and the Country in a right fucking mess, poll tax riots et al. 
That campaign literally brought people together, it changed football for the better on home soil, Bobby Robson, Gazza's tears and a semi final. The England team that was hounded before it, came home as heroes. That game against the then West Germany remains the most watched British sporting event of all time. Then of course we had the music, Nessun Dorma and England's World Cup song from New Order
This new tee pays full tribute to that event and everything about it as an alternative World Cup themed tee release.
We teamed up with Yorkshire based indie band Tokyo Corner and our pal Lennie who illustrated this one for us too, for a little shoot as a nod to the video. Sadly John Barnes wasn't available to do his rap.
Available on Navy and White which contains a nice gold print. online at 7pm. (GMT) TC

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