Monday, 23 June 2014


That's right, tees. Plural! 
We loved the film that much we went and did two tees. At last they're here!
First up is a twist on one of the early shock scenes in the film Despite being released right at the start of this year, it's most likley our personal favourite this year and even sneaked into our all time Top 100 list.
A defining moment in The Wolf Of Wall Street film was us sitting in a trendy, arthouse cinema surrounded by middle aged couples tucking into their frozen yoghurts and home made packed lunches. Up pops ladies man and all round nice guy Leonardo Di Caprio (in character of course) doing something fairly unspeakable with a sweaty, naked girl-for-hire. Those couples gasped as this incident happened, an action only a very successful Wall Street trader with way too much time and money could do. We chuckled loudly. This one kind of came up by accident. On further viewings we commented on how a screenshot came out looking like our very own CC logo, yeah the top looks like a nice arse, basically. Thus one of the maddest designs we've done yet was born.

Secondly, how can you do a WOWS tee and not cover the whole ludes thing? So yeah there's two options and this one is about the lemmons, the This one pays homage to the 'Lemons', the Ludes, or Methaqualone to give it's proper name - the drug of choice for the man who has tried everything there is to try. Unavailable now, these were actually prescribed to pregnant women, but fast became the happy pill for the man of excess. 

Anyone who watched this film will have come out with the same thing on their mind. What exactly are Quaaludes, and where can we get some? 
Both of these tees come with the usual button badge but because we're oh so nice we're even throwing in a special customised cut out vinyl sticker that features the artwork, whilst they last! TC
Online Wednesday 25th June at 7pm (GMT) 

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