Tuesday 30 November 2010


The new Weirisle hat is now available to purchase, coming in a choice of two colours - a classic old school ski hat with original fairisle style pattern. Limited to just 50 per colour at only twenty boff delivered. Limited to one per colour per customer. Get them while you can! YHN

Monday 29 November 2010


We've been away from the PC for a few days, but fear not - new product is arriving. Sweats, hats and maybe one or two other bits up on the site very, very soon...CD

Wednesday 24 November 2010


With the cold freeze on it's way we thought it was time to get some sweatshirts produced. Two offerings in fact, two styles based on classic workwear and old school outdoorwear - superb quality, heavyweight, classic style super comfy crewnecks, as always a Limited Edition release and very fairly priced. Here's another little look at them.... 'Factory' and 'High Peak' coming soon... YHN

Thursday 18 November 2010


Yes sweat. We realise it's as cold as a witch's wobbly bits outside right now, the need for a thick layer is pretty essential, as is the need for a classic wardrobe staple piece, it's taken us a while to get what we think is right, so we will soon to be releasing something perfect for under a coat and over a shirt or tee. Inspired by both good old fashioned workwear and the great outdoors, two different style sweatshirts are on the way. YHN

Wednesday 17 November 2010


SOME new additions to the cards now available - some new artworks and some political quotes. Plus there's a handful of some 'Alternative Christmas' cards too. Allow a few weeks for delivery.
Check them out. YHN

Tuesday 16 November 2010


Just bought these nice notebooks from tuk tuk in plain recycled paper - backed in chambray and checked fabric, just under A5 size they're perfect for taking notes, planning, jotting and drawing tits and stuff at the back. CD

Friday 12 November 2010


This is pretty cool, designer Johnny Selman is turning a daily news article from the Beeb into artwork, which he will attempt to do every day for a whole year. BBC X

Tuesday 9 November 2010


Our forthcoming cagoule is taking shape, samples have been back and forth and we really like what we see, once a few details are finalised these will be in production aiming for a Spring 2011 release now.CD

Sunday 7 November 2010

What do you get when you cross a yuppy music video director...

With an Arsenal thug?

I'll tell you...

That happened in 1988's Comic Strip production The Yob starring Keith Allen, Ade Edmonson, Gary Olsen and erm, UB40 in a crazy re-telling of the classic horror movie The Fly.