Thursday 6 July 2017


Introducing the 'Overlook' collection. 
Arriving soon is a new collaboration with Afield.  
The bonkers hat that became nothing short of a phenomenon is back this time, we've got a bucket hat that's reversible, a right bobby dazzler pair of swim shorts and the perfect shirt for courting in, maybe. All due for arrival very soon. Keep an eye out for updates. 

We've got a bunch of new tees due to land over the coming weeks too. All will be revealed as they arrive. 

Our next release will be our new Doughboy Rugby shirt. Yes that's right, it's a new old skool rugger top crafted here in Blighty that's based on the colours of the younger version of Doughboy's snazzy tee in Boyz 'n The Hood. Why? Just because. This one will be online towards the end of the month. 

And we'll also have some more stupendous caps from Ebbets to come too, plus the second batch of our Connoisseur FC tops. 

FINALLY - PLEASE NOTE: We will be away from Sat 8th - Sun 16th on holiday so please be aware that orders purchased in this time will be delayed in receiving. 

Many thanks.