Tuesday 28 March 2017


Spring is upon us, or at least it has been approching the last few days with the sun shining and the birds singing. It does drop at night and it might yet snow in April as the last few years, but it does feel like spring and summer proper are around the corner. 
We've been developing some new exciting product and ideas behind the scenes (more info as it comes) not to mention some nice new tees, the first of which our new striped tee should arrive with us early next month. Release date will be confirmed ASAP. 
Also we've added a few reductions on our remaining headwear as we look to make space for new arrivals and we've still got some of our excellent anoraks available, not to forget our Treinador Ground jackets at an insane price! 

Please note: orders placed this week from Weds onwards will be subject to a few days delay as we'll be away on business, returning on the 4th April, apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. TC

Monday 20 March 2017


As spring has arrived, bobble hat season officially closes tomorrow night with this, our final release of bobbleness until next A/W. The Tramsterdam Weir is another new one based on places you go, things you see and another entry into the series of specialist, niche public transport seat patterned, themed hats. Our 'urban camoflage' range if you will. This one is inspired by Amsterdam's tram system and the natty seat pattern, which looks like a cool 90's football shirt or something. Complimented by the contrast yellow pom-pom based on the handrails. We noticed this last year after more jaunts to the Dutch capital, where almost anything goes. You can buy sex and drugs as easily as you can buy cheese and tulips if that floats your boat. It's a great place for a beer anyway and another smart titfer to add to our ecletic collection! 

Online tomorrow at 7pm GMT as always!

Monday 6 March 2017


Tomorrow see's the penultimate hat of this winter online. The Hazard weir. The yellow and black 'hazardous' chevrons is synonymous in Manchester for obvious reasons, this was one we wanted to do for a while but thought it may be a bit too crazy, it is in a good way! Online at the usual time of 7pm (GMT)