Monday 30 November 2009


Welly welly well.... If you've clicked the blog - you'll have noticed it's changed somewhat!

Firstly, welcome to the new blog. We won't say it's new look as we've tried to keep it as similar as the last.

We've moved from our own 'in house' blog to a proper blog. Mainly for our own convenience for easy access updates. This way we don't have to launch our web building program and can just get into it quickly. Other than that not much has changed. This will still be the place to visit for all CC related news and updates and of course all the other stuff we like.

Sunday 29 November 2009


Sadly we have to announce the untimely passing of our Italian friend and forum member
'One True Roman' Federico Mai.

His close friend passed me this message on: Federico was born on March 17th March 1986 (St. Patrick's Day!) and died last Tuesday.
He was a great fan of As Roma, he's been a Mod since his youngest age than he started to appreciate the Casual Culture - far before everyone else!
He was a huge Oasis, Little Man Tate, Stone Roses fan, in love with everything concerning ''Madchester''. He was a reference for every young casual, skin and mod in Rome cause he discovered for us new bands and brands. His vinyl collection is extraordinary, expecially if you think he was just 23.
He use to read books that are still very hard to find in Italy - Kevin Sampson, for example. He was also starting to translate ''Awaydays''.
His heroes were Eric Cantona, Steve Mc Queen (his personal style icon) and Ian Brown. Had a lot of tattoes, including a portrait of the gas mask from ''Dead man's shoes'', which was his favourite one.
I think it's quite clear that he really was an extraordinary person, not just for us friends, but for all the kids in Rome, of any team and political simpathies.

His funeral will be tomorrow morning, and will be in a non religious way. We'll read some of his writings and poems, and at last we'll play ''This is the one'', the Stone Roses song.

Ciao! E grazie tantissimo!

Buon' anima

Thursday 26 November 2009

LADYSHAPE - Sasha Grey

Our choice Doris is sultry alternative Hardcore bongo star Sasha Grey - who hits the 'mainstream' next month when she takes the starring role in Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience... and makes a faultless transition from such dick flicks as 'Cum Buckets!#8' and 'Ass Eaters Unanimous # 19' to Hollywood proper.

Wednesday 25 November 2009


THE COENS' LATEST ... A SERIOUS MAN (NOV 20) Stars stage actor Michael Stuhlbarg as Larry Gopnik a mild mannered physics teacher in 1967 is a seemingly low-key affair from the brothers' Coen. But appearances can be deceptive, this is supposedly their least serious and most funny film in years.
MAY WELL BE WORTH A WATCH - BUNNY AND THE BULL (NOV 27) From the makers of The Mighty Boosh ( which I'm not a fan of admittedly ) - the cast of that make only fleeting cameos too. Looks like a quirky promising road movie of sorts. Part Carry On, Part Monty Python with the odd touches of The Mighty Boosh this could be an interesting film if you can find somewhere showing it.
COMING SHORTLY : WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE (DEC 11) by Maurice Sendak was my favourite book as a young pup. The new film version looks a good 'un. Less a kids film, more a film about being a child. Early screenings suggested kids were frightened and upset and it appealed more to the grown ups. The fact it's helmed by Spike Jonze means you can expect odd and weird in equal measures. Getting James Gandolfini on board as 'Carol' seems a masterstroke too. These days the family themed films tend not to appeal to me but the trailer and early buzz suggests this one's a winner.
RECENTLY WATCHED : - Sir Michael Caine, 76 years young - dusts off the old 'mac and pulls out the guns and turns vigilante as HARRY BROWN a very recent widowed ex-serviceman who avenges the death of his pal by dishing out his own form of vengeance. Similarities with Clint Eastwood's last Gran Torino and shades of Jack Carter ridding the estate of the vile feral rats a great performance from Caine. 4/5 YHN

Friday 20 November 2009


This years limited edition 'Weir bobble' sold out incredibly quickly, we were/maybe still may get some more but unfortunately they wouldn't be ready until new year. Our Limited edition 'Subb-Scarves' are still available but selling fast. Grab one while you can.

Thursday 19 November 2009



Saturday Best & The World of the Conoisseur. Produced by Red Bubble,
[NB: allow up to and around 20 days for delivery]

Saturday 14 November 2009


I saw these elsewhere. They're actually probably never going to see the light of day, but how cool if they do? They're a Clarks Wallabee boot made with Barbour fabrics, the cracked leather trim, waxed cotton and crepe sole works so well together, not to mention them being lined with tartan. They are but a sample, but hopefully one day Messyrs Clark and Barbour may just put their head's together.

Tuesday 10 November 2009


As we mentioned on here last month, 6876 who've we've been long time supporters and admirers of, have just released the Brecon jacket. Going back their hallmark tailored and performance roots, combining subtle modern tailoring with smart outerwear, what they have always done best. The Brecon is a fresh take on a classic raincoat -come-parka, minimalist style with lots of luxurious detail.The jacket features big half-bellows lower cartographers pocket, a half-bellows chevron chest pocket and a new hidden pocket tab style. The jacket is tailored in luxurious, laminated, water proofed, technical cotton mix from the premier Italian fabric mill, comes in dark grey and a rich black, backed with contrasting chocolate brown and benefits from new gunmetal fixtures - very limited quantities

Sunday 1 November 2009


We recently received these sketches from Artyom Chernov and Mila Miyanovich of Moscow. Interesting style and zany concept! The result of which was we're now collaborating with them on a new T-shirt design.
If you've got some cool art to send in, then please do! If we feature it we may even reward you, or who knows you too might end up having it on a Tee!

It's Super Connoisseur.

Sent in by James Shuck. Nice work.