Monday 29 February 2016


Our own personal penultimate Weir release for this winter is this one. Inspired by the clobber we wear and an iconic bit of branding!
It's online tomorrow at 7pm GMT and they will go really quickly and people will moan there's not enough! TC

Thursday 25 February 2016


Thursday the 3rd March sees the 'All City' Hip Weir released.
Hip store was founded some 29 years ago in the heart of Leeds City centre, an institution of independent menswear, so when we met up with founder Everton a couple of years ago, it was a pleasure to supply our brand, then the following winter do some exclusive Weirs for them: the 'home' and 'away' Weirs.
Now following on from them (and largely due to local demand) they present the 
'All City Weir', a hybrid of both, celebrating the city of Leeds. 
Available exclusively from Hip - instore and online. 
Watch for details. TC


Tomorrow see's the release of three of our flat caps. These are the 'Uncle Jun' hat, a navy herringbone tweed in a lighter weight, inspired by The Sopranos character played with such gusto by Dominic Chianese. 

Then there's the final version of the 'Villain' for this winter, this time the same silhouette coming in a British Wool fabric with a snazzy repetitive diamond like pattern. 

And the Hodges Buggati too. Coming in a sterling check in a cashmere and wool mix material, it's one of our faves for this winter and the option of being able to cover your shell likes as it gets colder is very welcome. All three hats are online tomorrow at 7pm GMT. There's also a wonderful scarf that matches this hat too, available separately. Good as gold these! As always limited numbers. And don't forget there's three sizes with these so check your measurements out first! TC

Tuesday 23 February 2016


This Wednesday see's the launch of the Pink Weir. 
This one has been on the to do list for a while, catering for the female fans (and daring lads too) and we decided given the colour choice it would be a good fit and make sense to offer a percent of the proceeds to Breast Cancer Care charity. 
It's online at the usual time of 7pm GMT and as usual they'll likely be snapped up in quick time! TC

Tuesday 9 February 2016


This week see's two more colourways heading into the Weir collection.
Firstly on Tuesday things get dark with the 'Stealth' Weir online at 7pm. One of the latest in the stealth, subtle range of colours, because they can't always be bright. This one is the darkest yet with three shades of black from the pantone chart, that's right. Black, lighter black and an even lighter black (not grey). As you will be aware by now the Weirs don't hang about and disappear as soon as they go online, this one will probably break the internet going off the interest, but as always limited numbers produced. 

Secondly on Friday see's the release of the 'Connoigonia' Weir.
Yeah the colours on this one are inspired by everyone's favourite environmentalist outdoor brand with a conscience! When things just make sense. This one is made out of old carrier bags, Spira wrappers and plastic Dandelion and Burdock bottles. It isn't really. A nod and a wink. Online Friday at 7pm. TC