Sunday 24 December 2017


Many thanks for the support once again in 2017. Here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy start to bring in 2018. Let's hope it's a better year for everyone! Be safe, be good and we'll see you when we kick off again in early January.  

Saturday 16 December 2017


Monday see's our final release of 2017 with the Partridge Weir. Based on an old skit from his old talk show 'Knowing Me, Knowing You'. 

'Who's this cool customer?' 
- Ice white shoes. 
- Ice white socks with navy blue double cadet stripe. 
- A pair of shorts. 
- t-shirt with chevron action flash. 
'L'homme du sport!, (Man of sport) 
- A tossed pink sweater, that says I'm in Paris and nothing's going to stop me.
We did a tee of this a while back and now we've done a bobble hat, because we're a bit mental. This is all about the 'chevron action flash' polo and topped off with a Pink bobble which represents the tossed Pink sweater, see? Tuesday will also be our last posting day pre-Xmas. It's online Monday at 7pm GMT

Wednesday 13 December 2017


Tomorrow see's the release of our first Weir this winter. The Pulsar II. This is a flip of the colours of last years hat though this one is complimented with a nice bright green bobble. Inspiration is obvious for this one but we'll let you decide for yourself. 
We got some nice pics recently, so check them out here. 
This is our first Weir release and there's less designs than previous years. When we started doing these hats in our own unique style nine years ago we were the only people doing them, fast forward to the last year or so and there's a dozen or more doing them in an almost identikit way, some brazenly! It's frustrating but when you create something successful it's bound to happen eventually! So I guess we have to look at it as less is more and we move on and try and thing of more crazy, more different ideas for the next ones. There's more to follow this one, with the Alan Partridge one next week and more in the new year so keep you're eyes peeled. This one goes online tomorrow at 7pm. Limited numbers, fastest fingers first and all that cal. 

Monday 11 December 2017


Just a little reminder that the postal service is at it's busiest ever at Xmas and thus items take longer to be delivered. For the record our last posting date to receive items before Xmas (UK only) is Tues 19th December at 10am. This is in line with Royal Mail guidelines. Please note: Overseas sales is significantly earlier and orders placed after the 9th Dec will be subject to extra time and delays to arrive. 
We will continue to visit the post office as regularly as we can either side of a few days off and when it's open over the festive period. Other than that, please continue to keep an eye out for new release updates on here and the socials and if we don't say it again, have a good Christmas.

Monday 4 December 2017


A new winter, some new McMurphy's. For the last 7 or 8 years we've been offering these hat's and they're quite a personal favourite during the cold months. This years offering are a new design with a breton style stripe going on, over three different colours. They're limited in numbers (as always) and available this Tuesday from 7pm. 

Saturday 2 December 2017


Another crazy tee in collaboration with our Moscow mates, Outskirts. 
This one is an illustrated satirical jibe at the rich, hype kids wearing their over expensive 'street' clothes. 
Basically we have two devilish Casuals boiling them up in a big cauldron and the quote "ГОТОВ К ТРУДУ И ОБОРОНЕ" (Ready For Labor and Defence) which was an old Soviet program designed to get people up and about and fitter and more recently adopted by a certain design house for their hyped up pricey garb.
A rather Limited edition release this one, available from both Outskirts and ourselves on a white tee and, AND it contains GLOW IN THE DARK INK too!!! Free stickers too. Online this Monday at 7pm (GMT), also available via Outskirts too.

Tuesday 21 November 2017



A/W Headwear season is in full flow now here at CCHQ. With three brand McMurphy's due with next week and new TWEIR collabo hats with Trickett just in (and released next Tuesday at 7pm). We've also got our new Noodles hat released tomorrow evening at 7pm and our latest Villain offering online next week too. 
Watch out for updates for the incoming Weirs too. 

Sunday 12 November 2017


Tomorrow sees the release of our second bugatti 'Hodges' hat for this A/W. This time we have a more vibrant check with a mixture of bazzin' colours. We've also had a scarf produced in the same pattern, both made from luxurious Donegal Tweed. They're both online tomorrow at 7pm (GMT). 
Next week, we'll also be releasing our latest 'Noodles' hat too, there's a bunch of pics here. and we should also start to receive deliveries of more and more winter hats including the McMurphy's and of course them Weirs!

Monday 6 November 2017


Two new sweatshirts are going online this coming Wednesday at 7pm.  'THIS THING OF OURS' on Grey and 'Connoisseur England' on Navy. Please note: these are arriving in two batches so fear not if the first drop goes quickly. 
Click here for full details and pics. 

Wednesday 1 November 2017


The Overlook pattern is synonymous with two things Stanley Kubrick's The Shining and ourselves ; The Casual Connoisseur, for it was us who first placed this wonderful pattern into clothing. It like our house check, our tartan, our urban camouflage if you will. Now we have our very own luxury socks. 
Made for us by Corgi who've been making socks since 1892, and are even by Royal Appointment to Prince Charlie of Wales if that floats your boat! More importantly they've been made by Connoisseur appointment and thus are available tomorrow at 7pm. Comes with two exclusive free stickers for the win.

Sunday 29 October 2017


This coming Tuesday sees a nice new re-release of our tribute to Mr Massimo Osti. The 'Il Pioniere' with splendid exclusive artwork from acclaimed illustrator Ben Lamb.
This time round we've opted for three contrasting colours on a nice new specially garment dyed tee, with each tee featuring a darker pantone ink of the tee colour itself. Please note - as it's a new tee the size will differ to the usual one's so please ensure you check out the sizing on the product page.
They've come out right nice and they're online at the usual time of 7pm (GMT) 

Tuesday 24 October 2017


Tomorrow see's the release of our next pin, the Cool as Fuck one. 
Online at the usual time of 7pm. 

Tuesday 10 October 2017


This Tuesday see's the release of our next pin, the 'Play Up' one, like the tee released last week is a play on something familiar. The enamel version goes up at 7pm tomorrow.
This Thursday we've also got the next two releases in our splendid titfers both online at 7pm. Keep your eyes posted for some new sweatshirts and tees due very soon and then watch out for forthcoming winter hat season, it's getting close. 

Monday 2 October 2017


Tomorrow see's the release of our latest pin, the time the Real Ale Drinkers Against The Bomb one.
Wednesdays see's the release of our 'Playing Up' tee too. We've also got two new titfers that should be online this Friday (pictures and update shortly) and after a bunch of requests we'll be putting a limited quantity of our stickers online this week too. Plus watch out next week for some new tees including some new colours of our Massimo Osti ones and further on, some posh Overlook socks (so don't buy from them copycats), plenty more lids including Weirs and several collabos to come too. ;-)

Sunday 24 September 2017


Just a little notice that we'll be away for a few days from Tuesday 26th until Friday 29th September so please allow extra time for orders and any enquiries to reach you. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause and thanks for understanding. CC

Tuesday 19 September 2017


This week we've got our next pin online, this one is a teeny, weeny miniature Otis. Sublime detail, enhance your garment with micro enamel goodness. 
It's online Wednesday at 7pm. 
Then on Thursday we've got two new splendid titfers going online too, The latest Bugatti and our next installment of our Uncle Junior hat. Custom made for us by the best 'old men hat' makers in the business City Sport Caps. Both online at 7pm
Oh and the next pin release will be the Real Ale one at the start of October along with some more of these bangin' titfers and a new batch of tees we've been waiting a little while for! Then we've got sweatshirts to follow and before you know it, this year is coming to an end already and thus more mental bobbles shall be upon us (we're working on them now). Keep checking back for updates. 

Monday 11 September 2017


It's been a while, but we have seven bazzin' new pins coming out. The first of which is the Connoisseur Underground pin. Paying tribute to the Capital city and all that goes with it. Online tomorrow at 7pm.