Thursday 30 October 2014


The 'D'Arblay' jacket is a meeting of minds between (originally Merthyr) now Soho based Weekend Offender and ourselves The Casual Connoisseur
A collaboration which may have surprised one or two and even caused a little stir along the way. Ruffling a few feathers is no bad thing though, and with the respective backgrounds of these two labels it should come to be expected. Both of these brands tend to do their own thing, do what they/we like, which is a refreshing attitude. 
Some out there may even have thought these two labels were in some way 'rivals' or competitors perhaps? so it's good to see two brands like this working together and mixing things up. Hence the 'Two Tribes' tagline which comes with this project. Like a lot of ideas, this one started where else? but over a pint. 
We met Sam and Rhydian from Weekend Offender via a mutual friend and first met them at a London trade show - whilst these places are full of respected brands and great people there's also, I dare say, a bit of 'Nathan Barleyness' going on in the wonderful world of menswear. These stuck out as like minded chaps with very similar interests and backgrounds and we hit it off with them.  
Like many typical 'Northern' lads, we always enjoy a jaunt down to the capital city, even when it is sometimes work related. I love visiting the smoke and was impressed by their flagship store right in the heart of Soho, it's a great area, around the corner from Berwick Street and Beak Street - two famous shopping streets from down the years, and a nice set up. Not to mention great old London boozers too.
When we were approached about doing something together, it made a lot of sense. With that in mind, we came up with several ideas, but not wanting to be overly ambitious or, in any way trying to reinvent the wheel. We settled with a classic item for Autumn, a timeless garment, fusing a few styles - a parka, mac, raincoat, call it what you want, something which befits both of our surroundings, it's both smart and casual. 
A versatile piece you can dress up or down, perfect for walking around the big city or strolling around the little market towns of England. A wardrobe staple you will return to again and again. This is a special edition one-off release which comes deliberately in limited numbers. Made from a waterproof rubberised bonded fabric but without the bulky, heavyweight and sweaty feel of many similar style coats. This is a refined silhouette which gives a nice flattering look to the wearer. 
Named simply after the base where both brands meet, the 'D'Arblay' jacket Comes in Navy and a very limited run of Yellow. Features include two outer pockets a large peaked hood with throat tab. Branding is kept pretty minimal, with dual branded press studs and exclusive 'Weekend Connoisseur' label - a take on both brands logos. The inner features a pocket for your smartphone and artwork inspired by the original Frankie Goes to Hollywood single 'Two Tribes Go To War' with an illustration of Lenin in his CC hat and WO jacket, tongue in cheek as always! DC

The jacket will be launched first at the Soho store (19 D'Arblay St, London W1) on November 1st. Come along for free beer, good vibes and a free 'party pack' from 1pm.

Monday 27 October 2014


This Tuesday finally see's the release of the Heron hat.
Classic plant pot style bucket hat in vintage Navy cotton twill. Features 3D 'Twin C's' embroidered Varsity logo, eyelet details, and the continuation of our small stash pockets. The hat comes in one size - Approx 59cm circumference.
Also comes with two exclusive themed buttons that pay a tip of the titfer to bucket hat fancier Gil Scott Heron. Tomorrow 7pm GMT TC

Friday 10 October 2014


Okay, so a refresh of the Wolf tees hit the shop this evening, when we decided to do a tribute tee to what is still our favourite film of this year we weren't quite sure how to do it or how they might be received, so then we had two designs and did them both and well they pissed out quicker that it took to neck a lemon!
So true to our word we've restocked them including a limited run of the Blow one on a brown tee too. 
Remember folks you don't have to dress like shit. 
So get one of these, they're online at 7pm GMT. TC

Saturday 4 October 2014


Love hats? Yeah we do. Really do.
Our appreciation of headwear has been since childhood. One of the earliest memories was my brother balling his eyes out when on a boat trip around Conwy Castle aged three circa 1980 I ripped off his cap and threw it in the sea. 
Over the years we've accumulated lot's of hats from the norm to the very obscure and it was perhaps little surprise that with our business, a major part of it would revolve around designing and making hats. Even more so when the town we hail from once boasted the biggest industry of hat manufacturing, including Indiana Jones's titfer.
From staple and subtle goodness like the McMurphy to the cult that is the Weirs, to the world famous overlook, we're always happy to push the boundary and with that we met up with our Berlin brothers from a different mother, talked ideas and came up with this one! 
Much in the same vein as previous unique hat designs we carry on our public transport theme again, but a little further afield this time. We've teamed up with our good pals at Berlin Groundet to make another pretty groundbreaking hat, first planned many moons ago it's great to see this one finally come off. We have taken the amazing psychedelic seat pattern from the Berlin Underground system seats, a pattern befitting such a fantastic city, and at times a bit of a crazy place. On the flip side it all goes a bit '2001' with a shiny Goretex side. Two very different hats in one. And with the true CC ethos, there's only 100 made
Online Monday 6th - 7pm GMT and 8pm CET from Berlin Groundet too. TC

Thursday 2 October 2014


I'm genuinely upset to write this blog post, maybe it's a touch of the blues at the moment but this really got to me, and any dog lovers will understand it too. One of my best friends today told of the news of his bulldog Freja's passing. I was lucky to have spent some time with this girl on a few occasions and what a great dog she was. It was last summer I took these photos of an ace trip out across the Stockholm archipelago, taking in the stunning scenery with Freja in tow. I know this dog had the best parents in the world and they were crazy about her which makes it even more sad for me. I'm never really dramatic like this, but I was looking forward to my next visit over there in the future some time, and aside from meeting mates and taking in the scenery, the football and the old town I was looking forward most to giving a big manly cuddle to this little gentle giant. Vila i frid Freja.

Take your time, smell the leaves,
Chase a shadow, or a bee.
I'm always watching over you,
Because that's what you've done for me.

Freja 2007-2014. DC