Thursday 28 April 2016


Tomorrow evening sees the release of our NUMERO UNO tee. A tribute to everyone's favourite cyborg killing, predator hunting, kindergarten, barbarian strongman... Arnie. With a twist too, of course. Because yeah that's right, we're number one, like! TC

Monday 18 April 2016


Now then, those L/S contrast collar polos we've been waiting on will finally be with us next week and online very soon! A long time coming we're rather proud of them!
We've got loads of tees coming too, online and to all participating stockists, numbers being finalised then we're good to go. This Thursday we'll have Proper Mag, Issue 18 online and more new releases next week. Then of course we get pretty serious with some outerwear that's incoming. 
Please note: We'll be away from Tuesday 19th-Friday 22nd April so orders will be subject to a small delay in being received. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. TC

Monday 11 April 2016


Introducing Winston!
One of the good things doing what we do is traveling about and meeting new friends. Back in 2014 We visited Hamburg and a new shop that was in the early stages of being worked on, last winter it became a reality and Casual Couture was born so be sure to check them out.  
During the visit we were introduced to the great Winston the Bulldog.
And as things go whilst having a beer and sampling the delights of the Reeperbahn between us all it was decided a collabo was in order and so with Hawkins and Joseph we present the 'Winston' tee. As part of the collabo there was also a very exclusive and rather rare Weir featuring Winston that came with the tee and various other bits exclusively and was available from Casual Couture. Now's your chance to purchase the tee from our shop. 

Also comes with a special commemorative pennant. 

T-shirt available on both Navy and (Oxblood) Maroon this Wednesday at the usual time of 7pm, GMT.

Wednesday 6 April 2016



This is a local take on a classic and certain 'familiar thing'. This sees a mountain landscape replaced with a great ilustration of scenes from Greater Manchester.
Stockport's famous Viaduct - the largest brick structure in the UK (and Pyramid) are juxtaposed alongside Mancunian landmarks such as the G-Mex, the Urbis and the Hacienda, with the Beetham Tower - the tallest skyscraper outside London.
This design comes with a small minimal print to the chest with large back print, perfect for the six and a half days of sunshine we'll get this year.
Available on White, Mint Green and Grey Marl t-shirts. Professionally screenprinted in Manchester, woven label to left sleeve, free button badge. Online Friday 8th April, 7pm GMT. TC

Monday 4 April 2016


The Sherlock #3 goes online tomorrow evening at 7pm GMT. 
Limited numbers produced of this luxury titfer over three sizes, 57, 59 and 61. 
We've done something a bit different once again, with a multi coloured herringbone pattern throughout. Features include our small woven label to the peak, leather ties and of course fold down ear flaps and two peaks for the price of one. TC