Friday 30 November 2012


So tonight sees the release of the first two colourways of the Weir 5's. Available from 7pm this evening. Limited numbers produced, subject to availability, whilst stocks last. One hat per customer.
Multiple purchases will be refunded! We hope the site doesn't crash but please be aware if demand is high to keep trying.
This is also the first time the new checkouts will be used on these hats, let it been known that whilst you can 'add to cart' until you complete checkout your purchase won't count. Adding to cart isn't enough to secure one. You must fully complete the checkout otherwise others will still be able to purchase! YHN

Monday 26 November 2012


So it's that time of year when it goes a bit hat crazy here at Connoisseur, in particular with the Weirs.
This year is no exception with lots of emails and questions coming in thick and fast.
As with the last few years the hats will be arriving in separate batches and the first two new colourways are due for release this FRIDAY at 7pm!
First up is the black, yellow, white colour and the blue, yellow, grey colours.

There's also the below special Stockist Exclusive edition which is en route to the following stores : Ran, Distant Echo, Proudheart, Closer, New Fangle and CasualClothing - Russia
In addition to the above there's also two special edition hats that are already causing a bit of a stir worldwide. The Black Lodge and The Overlook hats (below) will also be hitting the store shortly with a release planned for early December, exact date and time to be confirmed so watch the site, twitter, facebook and here for updates! with a small number of these also going to selected stockists too.

As always the hats are produced in 50 per colour, never the same colourway twice, highly limited edition and Made in England to boot.

AND finally... you may have noticed our new webstore is now fully active and online, after a few problems with the last checkouts we hope this one will be able to cope with the onslaught of the big releases, so far it's done okay on the last few, but if demand and hits are extreme then it's a safe bet to be prepared for the meltdown!
We've listened to feedback and one was the inability to make multi purchases one area we wanted to change, (ie you had to buy now and checkout more than once) the new store has the facility of being able to add to cart and checkout with several items at once.
BUT be warned especially with product like the hats where there is big demand, merely adding to cart will not secure you an item, only once you've gone through and checked-out will it mean your order is processed. Whilst you can add something to cart it will still be available to be purchased if you're not quick! 
As we always say fastest fingers first! YHN

Thursday 22 November 2012


The second release of the Villain flat cap is available from this evening (22nd 7pm) this is an acquired taste and one we love as it reminds us of our Grandad, who never left the house without one. Part country gent, part Northern stereotype, part south of the river. The Villain takes it's name from legendary local climber Don Whillans, a man's man, a man who scaled mountains with the best of 'em Brown, Bonington et al, and even drank whisky and smoked cigars at the top of them. Whilst those around him wore hard hats with their Berghaus and Mountain Equipment jackets, he wore a flat cap.
The Villain comes in Army Green and Dark Olive cotton canvas, Grey cotton and Herringbone tweed, stitched down visor, three panel detail and subtle woven Connoisseur tab above the ear.
One size fits all. Made in the USA. OUT from 7pm Thursday.

Tuesday 20 November 2012


Now then, here's a little update on the forthcoming Weir release, as the weather turns colder we're starting to get inundated with questions and queries about when the new hats are arriving online. As with the last couple of years, the hats will be released in separate batches, with no few than seven different colourways this year, thats right there's an extra one this time! As always the hats have been produced in strict limited numbers right here in England and it should be noted; this year they've been tweaked to the original shape following one or two of last year's seemingly getting ever so slightly pointy.

The first batch of the 'Weir 5' are scheduled to be online by the end of this month.
There's also two very special edition's this year as you may have already seen. The Black Lodge and the Overlook hats inspired by two great cults - Twin Peaks and The Shining.
PLUS as we did last season - there's also a Stockist Exclusive which are heading out to them over the course of the next week or so, so watch out for details.
As always these are strictly limited to just 50 per colour. YHN

Wednesday 14 November 2012


Tonight once again sees the return for A/W 12 of the McMurphy hat, this premium  pure new wool hat has been handmade for us by renowned manufacturers Highland 2000. Available in four non-institutionalised colours : Charcoal, Moss, Rust and Navy each featuring a rogue streak of lovely coloured marl.
This is the subtle alternative to the Connoisseur Weir hat, top quality titfers with no branding. Limited numbers, Made in England. Available from 7pm.

Sunday 11 November 2012

Thursday 8 November 2012


It's a pleasure to reveal a first look at our next garment, we took delivery of the 'Resistance' smock sample this week from our local manufacturers. It's a genuine thrill to see designs from scrapbooks develop into cut and sewn garments. The first opinion is it already looks bang on and only minimal changes and additions are required. Scheduled for a 2013 release, we are now going forward with a 60/40 cloth - a durable and classic fabric which will give this the authentic old school look and feel it deserves, ready to take this to full production.  
Inspiration for this one obviously comes from the Norwegian Resistance, this anorak style is our take on a classic silhouette which has been produced for up to 70 years now - think Heroes of Telemark, vintage Belstaff and even Action Man in his exploration garbs - a real classic British outdoors piece.

Additional details required are fixings, zippers and our own branding. We have added two very substantial two-way bellow pockets with side entry for your hands. The Large chest pocket features a secured zip entry, we have included the always handy small wrist pocket for cards etc, weather protective inner cuffs, waist drawstring and contrast bright coloured mesh hood lining to set this one off perfectly.
There's also the inclusion of an extended 'drop seat' for a longer length at the rear and wooden drawstring toggles. Branding will be kept to a woven cub scout style patch or large woven label on the left sleeve.
All being well this should be released early 2013, the current sample is made with a water resistant ripstop cotton, the full release will differ slightly.
Designed and made in England. CD

Wednesday 7 November 2012


During a recent trip to Sweden, we visited Stockholm and some good friends. On Friday afternoon shortly after landing we had a browse of some of Stockholm's best stores, most notably the famous Nitty Gritty on Krukmakargatan.  A store which stocks premium labels such as Stone Island, Nanamica, APC, Diemme, Garbstore and a whole host of others. The shop has a long running insight to the world both inside and out, with their famous bench outside. Customers and passers by alike are photographed on the bench, ourselves and pals - and sometime Connoisseur 'live' mannequins/poseurs Andrew & Hess, were invited to sit there last Friday. Check out Nitty Gritty's store, and of course The Bench. CD

Monday 5 November 2012


Warp films are currently celebrating 10 years in business in the erm, business. The company responsible for some great British indie films such as Four Lions, Kill List and Submarine and of course our pal Shane Meadows' work. Warp have several celebrations lined up at the moment including an exclusive screening of cult film Dead Man's Shoes ( brand new Dance at My Party tee coming soon from us, too ) these posters by Sheffield based illustrator Pete McKee caught our eye too.
Available here. YHN