Thursday 29 May 2014


Born to Thrill, camo tee with Connoisseur Full Metal Jacket nod print. 
What do you mean you can't see it? Pph.
Online tonight at 7pm. TC


The next round of shirts made with tuktuk are in! The 9th, 10th and 11th shirts so far, that's 'Robert', 'Edward' and 'John', to give them a name, classic names for classic Ivy style button down Oxford shirts, complimented with a nice Blue/Red Plaid. As always our own 'tailored' block was used on these for a nice flatterering fit. Released Tuesday 3rd June at 7pm. DC

Thursday 22 May 2014


Now then, FINALLY some of our eagerly awaited new tees are going to be arriving online and to participating stockists over the coming week or two, the above and more.
So please keep an eye out on the social networks for updates and release dates.  
Also, just a quickie about the bank holiday weekend (yeah another!) 
Any items purchased after 12pm on Thursday will be subject to delays with regards to posting. Normal service will resume on the following Tuesday. TC  

Monday 19 May 2014


Now then, PINS. You probably know the score with our pin badge releases by now. If you don't, well let's just say they don't normally tend to hang about. 
The next pins are online tonight at 7pm (GMT) only this time not one but two options are on offer. Limited edition production as always, only 100 of each pins produced. 
So 'fastest fingers first', terms and conditions apply and all that malarkey. TC

Saturday 17 May 2014


Now then, the sun is out (for a bit anyway), we've got a bumper order of tees that are due to land over the course of the coming week or so, it's a big order containing all the new tee designs, a right mixed bag, from authentic Russian designed tees in collaboration with Outskirts, to our next tee with Our Culture and various new designs including the second tee with Curva Nord and a special Northern Music Factory edition too. 
They'll be going online and to all participating stockists as soon as they arrive! So please keep an eye on the shops and social networks for details as we get them. TC

Sunday 11 May 2014


The last few years one item of clothing we always wanted to do was a nice proper pair of good shorts. So we hooked up with Newfangle and got some made and we're rather chuffed how they came out.
The 'Flanar' (Strolling) shorts made in collaboration with our Amigos at Newfangle Clothing. A nice cotton twill short. Perfect for the two weeks of hot sunshine we'll get this year, three if we're really lucky, summer holidays, festivals and trips to the Ice Cream van at the end of the road.100% Cotton, six utility pockets, belt loops, dual branded etched buttons, double stitched seams, bar-tacked at stress points. Woven Connoisseur label.Utility is key, sometimes when it's dead hot, even WE can't wear coats, so you need pockets. These have six, including a secure zippered one for your, wallet Passport, Euros, purple Ohms etc. Available online from both and ourselves. TC
Released Monday 12th May at 7pm