Monday 24 March 2014


'The brand with two C's' tee, online tonight at 7pm.
Also a restock of two of our favourite tees from last year. Working Men's Club and Chicks in Kicks III from Saul.

Sunday 16 March 2014


Our last bobble hats of this winter are released tomorrow at 7pm (GMT)
The trainspotting hat is a special edition release over two colours in blue and brown shades and in limited numbers of 50 hats per colour. This one pays tribute to a bygone era and a nod to the 80s jibbing on those football specials and Inter City trains as well of course as the geek chic unintentional cool of that of a retro-trainspotter. For more reading click hereTC

Sunday 9 March 2014


Tomorrow sees the release of our hand made luxury, premium headwear. Three styles: The Villain, The Noodles and the Sherlock, not to mention a lovely cashmere and wool mix scarf to compliment the Sherlock. Online Monday at 7pm TC

Wednesday 5 March 2014


Proper Magazine interview with The Casual Connoisseur: 
"When we decided to up our interview game there was a natural place to start. We’ve known the lads behind The Casual Connoisseur for over a decade now. From daft days out watching a declining football club to late night emails comparing goretex scores on US eBay, we’ve a lot in common. That said, we’ve not seen each other enough lately, so to put that to bed and bag the first in our Talking Threads series, we led them to a Manchester rooftop and took pictures of them, before sitting down with a brew, all civilised." 

Click here for the interview.