Monday 30 July 2018


Next up is our PINTMEN t-shirt. Celebrating the drink/pubs and pints pretty much.
Online tonight at 7pm on Blue and White. More details here

Then we've got our next pin, online this Wednesday at 7pm.  Read about it here. 

Then on Thursday this bad boy is unleashed. Limited to 100 shirts and available from Far Afield and ourselves. I think these might go rather quickly tbh!

To follow, the first of four rather random but totally dapper caps. Release date tbc on this and them.

Wednesday 18 July 2018



FIRST UP - Our new Connoisseur FC strip, this will go online tomorrow at 7pm, this 'season's is a dark blue and white number, there's also a small number of Dark Green alternative too. 

NEXT UP - THIS IS THE VOICE OF THE PFEFFIBOYS. Our tribute to trips to Berlin, places we go, people we meet and a little peppermint liquor. Online Monday 23rd at 7pm.. 
AND THEN - We've got two new products that pay tribute to the greatest TV series ever and the greatest character ever, Tony Soprano. Played with superb panache by the much loved and massively missed James Gandolfini.
First up is the socks released Thursday 26th at 7pm. 
The shirt won't be far behind either and both will be available from both ours and Far Afield webshops.

PINTMEN and more to follow soon too. Check back soon.