Thursday 28 July 2011


Sometimes the best thing a man can do in life is to go for a nice long walk, me, I'll happily do it if there's a nice pint at the end of it. A while back (March I think it was) we put the Connoisseur 'Beat a Storm' cags to the test, going up in the hills of windy Derbyshire in a bit of drizzle. I stuck on a bouncy pair of Oberons, a heavyweight Pendleton tweed shirt with a vest to stop a velcro like situation occuring underneath, a Daks scarf and the cagoule in it's resplendent orange like that of mashed carrots on a Sunday dinner. My accomplice for the day wore his in brown, with a slight unintentional but intriguing shimmery cola sheen, yeah cola, that's what we wanted, it reminds us of the seventies. A good look, like teachers conducting a field trip, geeky and functional. Timeless cool.
We set off with no real purpose other than some exercise, fresh air and some drinkies, which unfortunately in New Mills was a bit disappointing, the millennium bridge carved through our little jaunt, this great and intriguing construction is a bit like a really safe and secure version of the one in the Temple of Doom, it's a little bit daunting, but there's no hot rocks (unless you bring your own) and a load of bad Indians with painted heads who can pull your heart out. But it does stretch over water with a large crevasse/drop below. Surrounded by the scenery of New Mills and the beginning of the Goyt Valley, situated in the Torrs, the Millennium walkway links New Mills Newtown with Stockport and Manchester and New Mills Central towards Edale, the Hope Valley and Sheffield.

I'm just going upstairs, I may be some time. Pph.

Anarchy in the High Peak!

Even Barry's been there.

Olly 'n Polly.

She'll carry on through it all...

Not to be mistaken with the huge Millennium footbridge in the capital, which it wouldn't - but I'm making a point. You know, that rickety one that goes over the Thames at St Pauls to the South Bank?
This though, does have connection to that London, albeit a sad one. Architect and local lad Stan Brewster a chartered civil engineer of Derbyshire County council was killed during the pitiful bombing of Edgware Road in the London bombings of July 2005. The construction now lies in his memory.

As the rain started to fall the pub started to call, the cagoule held up well - a true reinterpretation of one of our favourite classic, simple garments. With updated 'technology', as updated as you can get with this basic jacket, it's certainly more weatherproof and practical, and no sweaty back even under all that tweed. This wasn't intended as a shameless plug, it isn't. But look out for three new colours of this anorak in the coming weeks, they didn't hang around for very long last time. CD

Tuesday 26 July 2011


A selection of some of the images from this year's Press Photographer's competition, held to highlight some of the best pictures taken by and used for the news media over the last 12 months. These snaps are part of the 136 images selected by a panel from over 8000 entries and can be viewed at the National Theatre until 4th September. CD

Friday 22 July 2011


It's a genuine pleasure to announce our new range of premium shirts, or shirtings if you live somewhere a bit posh. We're delighted with the finished product, every little detail and inclusion is our own. Made within the EU and designed from scratch by ourselves. The Seaton & Dexys checked button downs come with the choice of two optional contrasting top buttons - the Connoisseur touch. Each shirt keeps the same block and are a classic tailored fit. Made in limited quantities as always and comes finely packaged as it should direct from a shirtmaker, card backed, fastened collar and pinned, all at a seriously good competitive price too.

THE UNION SHIRT, inspired by classic work-wear and the old industrial blue collar work force, this chambray shirt features an array of fine detailing, both rugged and smart it's the ultimate utility shirt, a good all year rounder. The Union shirt has pockets on it's pockets! no less than six in fact - stash pockets, ticket pockets, a coin pocket and the handy fully functioning pen pocket, if it ever stops raining it'd be an ideal shirt to wear without a coat, whilst keeping things safe. This shirt also features reinforced elbow patch detail, stress point bar tacking, hem gusset detail, darted cuff and the classic chinstrap collar detail. Grey-blue chambray, red woven label branding on inner placket.

THE SEATON SHIRT, this weekend shirt takes it's name from the Arthur Seaton character in Alan Sillitoe's Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, which was immortalised on film by Albert Finney in 1960. The hard working young man who's determined to have a good time come Friday, living for the weekend. The Seaton shirt is a nicely tailored fit, a smart shirt, cut for a flattering fit - a button down smaller collar, with contrast button detail, two button cuff, three signature blended in curved pockets with curved closing flap, including a small handy lower 'Zippo' pocket for your bits and bobs. Woven check with white, red royal and navy. The Seaton shirt comes with the option of plain, yellow or red Connoisseur signature contrast top button.

THE DEXYS SHIRT, This purple gingham check button down shirt takes it's name, look and feel from a mod influence, with it's small collar and button down detail it's a timeless, classic design, Dexys is derived from Dexedrine and Drinamyl or more commonly known as 'Dexy's midnight runners' and 'purple hearts' the amphetamine of choice for fun loving teens in 60's Britain. A tailored but regular fit shirt, good for all seasons, this looks smart alone this summer and great peeping through a nice wool jumper or sweat in the colder months. Cut the same as the Seaton it features three matched up curved pockets, two button cuffs and The Dexys shirt comes with the option of plain, yellow or red Connoisseur signature contrast top button.