Wednesday 23 July 2014


Our next collaboration with Walsh, the only British owned, designed and manufactured sports footwear company left, have been manufacturing in Bolton, The North West since 1961.
After last years trainer we decided to revisit them again for this summer with a new model and new details and colours. 
The Ensign Connoisseur edition is a limited run of trainers, made right here and very, very exclusive which is what it's all about for us!
There's two colour ways this year, "Acacia Road" and "Linear North", the names being nods to each respective colour way.  The Ensign The Ensign silhouette was originally created for the Bolton Harriers and the New York marathon they completed in 1981 .
This release is dedicated to the founder, creator and pioneer, the late Norman Walsh 1931-2014.
They're online tomorrow evening at 7pm. TC 

Tuesday 15 July 2014


Our next hook up with Curva Nord is a 'remix' of a previous design from a few years ago. The second collabo following the Dexys tribute last year is a new play on their previous BOCA Juniors themed tee. A twist on the characters this time. 
We're saying All Connoisseur's Are Brilliant, or All Curvas are Bazzin', Andrew, Chris And Benjamin, All Cats Are Beautiful might mean something else too, perhaps? a world renowned acronym which will appeal to many I'm sure. But, that's up to you to decide. Given the Buenos Aires club's most famous son was Diego, there's also a tie in with Frank Zappa and a famous lyric from the 1983 single of the same name - another Curva Nord idea which never left the drawing board. 
Tee goes live online at 7pm tomorrow evening.  TC

Tuesday 8 July 2014


From Stockport to Stockholm!
The latest collaboration with our Swedish brethren  Our Culture. They Shall Not Pass (¡No PasarĂ¡n!) has served as the war cry of Revolutionaries and frontline soldiers throughout history. This Situationist style artwork in one colour print was one of the coolest things we've seen and now one of the coolest tees you'll see all year.
It's also available in a print too. Online Thursday 10th July at 7pm TC