Sunday 31 January 2016


Now then, this edition was inspired by the famous 'Snow Beach' pullover jacket from Polo RL from the mid 1990's, which went on to be a seminal hip hop favourite after being sported by Raekwon appearing in this 1994 video
More than anything for us, it's a nice new colour combo. It's online tomorrow evening at 7pm GMT, fastest fingers first and all that. 

Please also note: These will be posted first thing Tuesday, however orders made from Tuesday afternoon onwards will be subject to a delay in posting, due to prior engagements, apologies but please allow extra time. Thanks. TC

Wednesday 27 January 2016


The 'Soho Weir' is the third collabo with Weekend Offender following the D'Arblay rain coat and the Hoppy Mondays ale. 
Sticking with the fusion of both brands as limited edition releases under the 'Weekend Connoisseur' banne, this Weir features (for the first time) dual branding. It's also London themed. In particular, that famous old West End stopping point, Soho - where the WO shop is based on D'Arblay Street, with the colour combination based on the famous London road signs. This one is online from BOTH webshops at 7pm GMT this Friday. #fastestfingersfirst 

Sunday 24 January 2016


Last year we decided we'd make a scarf of the legendary Overlook pattern as an alternative or complimentary way to wear that cool/ugly pattern. This winter we decided to do another limited run, possibly for the last time, we'll see. Either way they go online tomorrow at 7pm GMT 

Monday 18 January 2016


Yup, a Weir inspired by everyone's favourite bounty hunter from a galaxy far, far away. As always limited numbers, faster fingers first and all that. Online tomorrow at 7pm GMT TC

Wednesday 13 January 2016


The Villain hat, a premium manufactured flat cap in Donegal Tweed. Lovely colours on this made from the delightful Donegal Tweed, with a nice thick Red tinted herringbone with specs of colours darted throughout and a Navy version too. A two panel construction, fixed peak, contrast orange woven label to side seam.
This, the fifth 'Villain' release and in one of several new styles. This takes name and inspiration from famed Salford born climber Don Whillans, a proper bloke, handy on the rocks, handy with his fists, a lover of a pint, he climbed with the greats, he was one of the greats himself and mostly always wore his flat cap, even ten million miles up one of the world's scariest mountains. Online tomorrow at 7pm GMT TC

Monday 11 January 2016


The Room 237 hat! Without wanting to blow our own trumpets too much the Overlook release a few years ago exploded onto the scene and literally became a worldwide phenonenon, gaining praise in such literature as Empire magazine and being sold all over the globe with people crying if they missed out!
A vision to create something never done before (and sadly since copied by quite a few) was what we like to do here at CCHQ and with that it was always inevitable at some point the even uglier obscene carpet from the forbidden Room 237 was going to make a lovely titfer so we did it and it's online tomorrow at 7pm GMT strictly one per person as usual!  

Wednesday 6 January 2016


Now then, hat season is in full flow. New year lot's of new hats due...

Tomorrow see's the release of our 'Vronsky' themed block striped hats and it's more lairier crazy multi coloured friend. Pure wool greatness made right here in Blighty.
They're online at 7pm GMT  

The return of our 'Noodles' hat the day after too on Friday at 7pm GMT, a personal favourite of ours, multi coloured tweedy greatness, one of the greatest titfers a man could ever with to put on his bonce if we do say so ourselves. These won't hang about!

Next Tuesday also at 7pm GMT sees the release of our Room 237 hat, the scarier companion to the phenomenon that is/was our Overlook hat of the famous carpet design from the Shining. Well incase you didn't know, this is the carpet from the room they were warned to stay out of! These might not hang about long either!

Then on Thursday 14th we release our Villain hats! Brand new designs in red and blue with the usual wondeful mix of colours in the Donegal tweed. 

AND they'll be more Weirs due online w/c 18th January... TC

Tuesday 5 January 2016


Warren Mitchell, actor.
Stephen Lewis, actor. 
Keith Harris, entertainer.

Wes Craven, film maker.

Leonard Nimoy, actor

Lemmy, musician

Jonah Lomu, sportsman

Christopher Lee, actor 

John Bradbury, musician

Ben E King, musician

Rico Rodriguez, musician

Don Howe, sportsman

Robert Loggia, actor

Roddy Piper, wrestler

George Cole, actor

Gunter Grass, novelist/author

Jimmy Hill, sportsman/broadcaster

Geoffrey Lewis, actor

Catherine Coulson, actor

Colin Welland, actor

Percy Sledge, musician

Errol Brown, singer

Albert Maysles, filmmaker

Terry Pratchett, author

Anne Kirkbride, actor
Alex Rocco, actor
Phil Taylor, musician
Percy Sledge, singer
Terry Sue Patt, actor

Omar Sharif, actor

Frank Albanese, actor

Al Molinaro, actor

Patrick MacNee, actor

Gunnar Hansen, actor

Aubrey Morris, actor
Andrew Rubin, actor.
Dusty Rhodes, wrestler.
Anothony Valentine, actor.