Friday 31 May 2013


For many years now we have used Red Bubble to make a good chunk of our promo stuff of point of sale, using some of our own designs, other commissions and illustrations for cards, prints and posters. These are top quality, glossy and very well made, with plenty of use they can be used as a nice giveaway, birthday cards or framed up for modern art! We make about tuppence from these and they are sent out directly from the manufacturers, but they are a nice product. Check them out. DC

Thursday 30 May 2013


Okay then, tonight sees the release of the 'Resist' tee, coming on Black and on White. The Resist design is a simple monochrome nod to some of our fave old school Nordic outerwear and of course the Norwegian Resistance. Our man 'Rolf' takes to the slopes with his handgun and ski hat. Available from 7pm.
Then, next week: our three vintage catalogue/magazine style designs. Any Port in a Storm, Shoegazing and Trainergazing will go online on Monday 3rd. From our regular cohort Mr O'Toole each design fittingly pays tribute to our love of fine footwear and classic outerwear, all featuring ace high quality prints with amazing attention to detail Chicks in Kicks to follow. DC

Tuesday 28 May 2013


You trying to mug me off? no we're offering you a mug. Safe for the dishwasher, but maybe not the office. Heavy duty expletive 'bachelor' mugs back by popular demand - these went quick last time, including original Red and a new Royal Blue colour. 
Online Thursday 6th June DC

Tuesday 14 May 2013


We love hats here at CC and sometimes you have the desire to wear a wacky titfer, we try to ensure as diverse a range as we can and this one is quite crazy, like something Timmy Mallet may wear on a trip to Butlins or better still something the Good Doc might wear whilst tripping! An eclectic piece of headwear for an eccentric chap. Made in the USA, limited numbers.

So, next up in our ongoing pin badge collection, we bring you our Anti Heroes pins. Featuring Breaking Bad's Walter White alter Ego 'Heisenberg' and A Clockwork Orange's Alexander DeLarge himself. Current cult TV and classic literature is covered here in superb minute detail - and as far as we can see, they've never been done before! It's the simple things which work the best, these are two of our favourites yet. As always highly limited numbers produced #acultnotacashin TC
Both the hats and the pins are Released Weds 15th 7pm.

Friday 10 May 2013


Three new Shoppers, made in Berlin with our Berlin Groundet friends.This time three styles, parodying three of your favourite supermarkets, bags for life, save the planet, doing your bit whilst nipping to the offy! 

Online at 7pm this evening. Thanks to the lads and girls for the shoot! TC

Thursday 9 May 2013


Weirs in Weatherfield, Coronation Street.
McMurphy hat on Walford Market, Albert Square. Eastenders.
So, who can get something seen in Emmerdale? not really arsed about Doctors. DC

Tuesday 7 May 2013


So then, one unexpected but welcome extra from the Weir 'phenomenon', was female fans sending in their pics, which we later imaginatively titled 'Girls in Weirs'
We still buzz off anyone sending us their photos, but there's a special place in our hearts for the girlies out there! Well, how's this for an entry? it's not every day you get a Japanese pop star wearing your garms, but our friends in the East, from Closer out in Osaka sent us these great photos. 

Introducing Nana, over in Japan she is from the famous punk band THE PRISONER, thanks to Closer and photography from Kouichi Iwakami and of course NaNa Gnar Gnar herself, check 'em out. TC


Our next pins are the release of the two piece cult hooligan film set.
Featuring Shadwell Army from the fictional football club Shadwell Town FC nicknamed 'The Dogs' as seen in Phil Davis' ID and we've got a nod to Alan Clarke's The Firm with Gary Oldman's ruthless Bex Bissell's Under 5's. 
Online Weds 8th May, 7pm TC

Sunday 5 May 2013


These are some of the most amazing portraits we've ever seen. From Los Angeles based artist Mike Mitchell, the man has some talent. High fives all round!
His portraits are currently on show at Mondo, Austin TX. He's even done some immnese mashups the 'bastards' too, check him out! TC