Monday 30 July 2012


Saturday gone saw a fairly early start, the sun was shining and it was time for a small jaunt o'er the Pennines into Huddersfield, home of Harold Wilson, Andy Booth, Patrick Stewart, Roy Castle and our resident artist/good pal Peter O'Toole not the thirsty thespian, but the talented young illustrator. Working as a long term collaborator with our brand it was only right we finally paid him a visit, so an invite to the studio was as good an excuse as any to make a day of it... and always a pleasure!

Starting off with a breakfast in his pal's Cafe, we were then given the guided tour of Huddersfield, something we've seldom had the chance to do having only visited previously for football matches at the Galpharm over the years forcibly pushed from pillar to post. It's a cool place for me, a great mix of old and modern, a thriving Northern industrial town. We had a mooch around the local market where anything and everything was on offer from old LP's, vintage toys, arms and militaria to a load of old useless shite.

Peter's studio is situated in an old mill on the edge of town, a massive place still in use today, predominately as a (faux) fur factory. Through the doors and up every last stair to the top and ashamedly out of puff, we were in...

I honestly thought it was just me who collected loads of useless, yet cool things, I didn't expect to meet anyone else who had a Pifco trouser press in a cabinet alongside old Woodbine's and WWF figures, but that's exactly what I saw! I could spin off about how artistically minded people hoard things like this for design purposes and that they do, but if somethings cool it's cool whether that's and old M&S shop dummy, a Strongarm beer mat from the 70's or a Ric Flair figure with little trunks on you'd have found it here. Bookcases with lots of old magazines and newspapers are a source of inspiration for today's designs, not least a few things we have worked on recently, old design has a real timeless charm about it, especially company logos and headers using old print forms with halftones and less colours. It's fantastic to see the mix of old and new, the Mac alongside original printed matter and both worlds coming together in the name of modern illustration to form something fresh and new.

I was super impressed with the set up here, a massive open space, enough room to swing a tiger.
Housing a collective of like-minded creative types, loads of room, loads of light, a great working environment for sure. Nowt but good vibes, there was even a ping pong table at the back for a bit of exercise/arm strain therapy. I could live somewhere like this, 'Big' style with a bunk bed and trampoline, I'd never need to go out like an overgrown under developed man child Josh Baskin.

Peter's own inimitable style adorned the toilet walls poster style, there was also a 'wacko' Jacko mirror right where you piss, a little bit creepy seeing your willy that near his head. Oh, how we laughed. But hey, these guys are artists!

Passing through town we saw the Grand Picture Theatre - an impressive old building which now seemed to make up part of a Lidl, tragic! Once famously 'Ivanhoe''s and the venue of the last UK gig of the Sex Pistols, the scene of a chaotic food fight with local kids on Christmas day, 1977. Before they jetted off to America and never really came back.

When in'd be rude not to pay a visit to some of Yorkshire's finest boozers, the Grove, Sportsman, Rat and Ratchet and Vox set us off nicely for a sunny day's supping as we realised we have an awful lot in common and cracked on discussing new ideas and future projects, so watch this space. CD

Thursday 26 July 2012


Some super shirtings, or shirts as we like to call them. A first look at our collab with TukTuk , this is a multi coloured Madras check, with button down collar and three utility pockets one 'Zippo' pocket which coincidentally is the exact size of a Zippo. We like to give everything we do a name, so we're going to call this one 'Ray' as it reminds us of one Mr Winstone wore in Nil By Mouth.
Next up we have a fruity Flannel check in vivid shades of manly pink! Also features a button down collar, locker loop and box pleat and three utility pockets. We're going to call this one 'Richardson' as it reminds us of something the zany (and fruity) photographer Terry Richardson might wear. Last but certainly not least we have this ace Psychedelic printed pattern, like your favourite Grandma's ugly, yet cool old diverse wallpaper. This features a button down smaller collar, box pleat, locker loop and two chest pockets.
Topped of with lovely, lovely Mother of Pearl buttons. We're going to name this one 'Raoul' as it reminds us of something Mr S Thompson may have worn, or at least seen on one of his many trips somewhere...

To us, this is a great example of what a collaboration is all about. Hard sourced fabrics from way out East - the fruition of well over a years work, each one is different. Ideas and design from the West - our own customised block from last year has been used for a flattering, tailored fit. Our own influence came with the smaller button down collars, less-is-more branding, function is something we buzz off, so the inclusion of utility pockets was a must, realised together by someone who knows their stuff. Delivery expected next month, judging by the early response to these they won't be hanging around for long. CD

Monday 23 July 2012


You're probably aware by now that we've teamed up with tuktuk this year and are working on some rather zesty shirts due for release over the next few weeks - more on those bad boys over the next day or so! In the meantime they're planning ahead and here's a look at what they ahve in store for Spring/Summer 2013...

"Primary inspirations for the brand come from our surroundings. Taking inspiration from the wonderful colours, tastes, scents and personalities of South Asia. We believe in garments that fit well, that have a strong emphasis on bespoke tailoring, and that personify our beliefs, inspirations and brand ethos.
Respectable local factories, and skilled tailors and craftsmen make all of our clothing and accessories. We aim to produce high quality, long lasting products that are bought and sold for a reasonable and fair price.
Our products are manufactured from interesting, colourful, unique, and occasional vintage fabrics. We try to avoid mass production where possible, and buy low quantities of fabrics to keep our styles as fresh and as individual as possible."