Monday 23 February 2015


Continuing the theme of public transport / urban camouflage this new special edition sees us taking inspiration from our every day surroundings, often seldom noticed - to create something highly original and unique. 
100% unofficial and made in homage to the great transport system of our capital.
One size fits all. Less than 100 pieces produced. Strictly one per customer as always. Subject to availability, whilst stocks last. Fastest fingers first! 
Online tomorrow at 7pm GMT TC

Tuesday 17 February 2015


Our next Weir release is the 'Black Ark' Weir hat. 
The 'Black Ark' Weir has a Dub, Reggae colour combination inspired by the old cult Black Ark recording studios owned by Lee 'Scratch' Perry. We were able to squeeze an extra colour to gain this effect, the result is rather cool. It is as always limited numbers but as this is a one off that required extra changes there's 80 of these hats going online, still as per we don't expect them to last long. 'Fastest fingers first' and another little tip... yes they tend to disappear at 19:00:09 but if you keep at it there's a bunch of people who add to cart and don't check out in time and thus the hat goes back into stock, so there's always another chance!




W(e)ir sind das Volk! - which means W(e)ir are the people! - geddit? 

This special CC x BG hat is available exclusively from tomorrow evening 19:30 German time. That's 18:30 our time! Limited to 50 hats as usual. 


Oh yes, as we approach the end of hat season we still have not one, not two but three special editions to release yet! The perils of being a two man team rushed off our trotters and having to deal with some unwelcome distractions behind the scenes means sometimes we can't get stuff up online and out fast enough, so patience is required. We're sorting them and we'll have confirmed release dates via the shop and social media ASAP! 
Alex's Quilt, Black Lodge and Underground, very soon... 

Our next update post will be about a whole new batch of brand new tee designs coming once hat season is over. To both us and any partcipating stockists, check back for details soon. TC

Tuesday 10 February 2015


Tomorrow sees the next two brand spankin' new colourways of the Weir, these are almost over until next year now apart from a couple of forthcoming specials. You know the score, 7pm tomorrow (Tues 10th) fastest fingers and all that. TC