Wednesday 31 December 2014


Rik Mayall, actor.
As we approach the end of the year, here's a tribute to the famous folk who left this world in 2014. From the familiar faces, to those who were a surprise, shock and even a tragedy to see shuffle off this mortal coil so early... TC
Philip Seymour Hoffman, actor.
Robin Williams, actor.

Bob Hoskins, actor.

Eus├ębio, footballer.
Bobby Womack, musician.

Edna Dore, actor.

Eli Wallach, actor.

Jack Bruce, musician.
James Garner, actor.

Jimmy Ruffin, musician.
Lauren Bacall, actor.

Maya Angelou, author.

Mike Nicholls, film maker.

Pete Seeger, musician.

Ruby Dee, actor.
Richard Kiel, actor.

Sam Kelly, actor.

Warren Clarke, actor.

Ian McLagan, musician.

Rodger Lloyd Pack, actor.

Tony Benn, politician.
Richard Attenborough, film maker.
Raphael Ravenscroft, musician.

Lynda Bellingham, actor.
Joe Cocker, musician.
Alvin Stardust, musician.
Harold Ramis, film maker.
Frankie Knuckles, musician.
Edward Hermann, actor.
Frankie Fraser, criminal.

Bob Crow, Trade Union leader. 

Sunday 28 December 2014


Announcing the special edition 'Tom Weir' - Weir.
Made in conjunction with the Tom Weir statue campaign in Scotland. This one-off special edition is based on Tom Weir's legendary 'bunnet' in red and white. Featuring double sided sided branding bearing both our names in this tip of the hat to Mr Weir.
We have seen the Statue campaign work tirelessly to raise money for a lasting tribute to the legendary hiker and broadcaster in the picturesque Loch Lomond. The campaign have worked for two years to reach their goal of around £50,000 to get this statue built.
We have spoken to the founders several times over the last year to offer our assistance in this campaign, hoping to raise more awareness down here so to speak, he isn't too well known south of the border. Then of course, to try and help with some vital funds for this worthy cause.
Naturally, those hats we do have developed a huge cult about them and it was fitting that we produce this hat in aid of helping out. A percentage of all sales will be donated to help raise funds for his statue which will be unveiled in Loch Lomond on the 29th December on what would have been his 100th birthday.
Help be a part of that and raise some funds for a great lasting tribute. This is a complete one-off item and we reckon pretty collectible, not to mention making your own little part of history. Hats are limited to 100 and available Sunday 28th Dec 2pmDC

Wednesday 24 December 2014


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Connoisseur.
We'll be back on the 28th with a new Weir, until then have a good one; eat loads, drink loads and be happy! 

Wednesday 17 December 2014


#lovehats We've teamed up to do a special edition hat with the Mundial team, this winter... Remember how Subbuteo did a squad that kit equated to a bunch of teams, you know.... Claret and Blue catered for West Ham, Scunthorpe, Aston Villa and B*rnley. Well these are like that. Ten colours all in limited edition numbers AS ALWAYS. Available exclusively from Distant Echo and Steeple Pine.

"It started out with a limited edition magazine in the summer, and it's now back in the form of a winter hat; Mundial.
After teaming up with the lads from Casual Connoisseur, Mundial have produced a range of hats in traditional football colours. 

'Renowned Stockport hat fanciers The Casual Connoisseur have teamed up with prolific soccer literature manufacturers Mundial Magazine, to present this trimmed-down football-centric version of their iconic Weir design,The Mundial. 
It's perfect for the long, cold winter ahead. It'll probably make your dad tell that story about half-and-half bobble hats, getting legged by Wimbledon and how things aren't what they used to be, but don't let that put you off." ONLINE FROM 3PM TODAY!!

Monday 15 December 2014


This winter's first Weir is upon us! The way these have arrived means it's a little bit different this year as the first one out is the collabo with Trickett and thus is only available as part of a special gift box exclusively from Trickett's website.
There's only 50 gift sets available so they might not hang about. It's goes online at TRiCKETT at 7pm GMT tonight. 

Here's Trickett's write up: 

The gift pack is limited to 50 and features one hat and two pairs of socks (one pair of each sock style) and comes gift wrapped in a limited edition TRiCKETT x Connoisseur gift box, finished with branded ribbon. How about that? These hats tend to have a bit of a cult following so here are a few points of note:
  • The release date will be 15th December 2014 at 7PM and we will build a new part of the website for this sale as we do expect demand to be quite high. Unfortunately we cannot offer preorders on this item and as big a fan as your labrador is of the brand we can’t make any exceptions.
  • The gift sets are limited to one per customer, anyone ordering more than one pack will be refunded and sent only one pack.
  • The Weir can only be bought as part of the gift pack and they cost £65 including 1st class recorded postage within the UK. International orders will pay an extra £5 flat fee, no matter where you are on the planet.
  • The socks can be purchased separately and cost £14 posted in the UK. International orders will be slightly more.

Wednesday 10 December 2014


Already posted this last week but a quick refresh is in order.
Royal Mail - important postal dates.

FIRST off, post is already rather slower than usual. So as with the festive season that 3-5 day guideline we recommend during normal times (UK, longer everywhere else), unfortunately goes out the window, its difficult to place an exact time and it's out of our hands too, all we can do is process and post sales as they come in, so please bear that in mind. You shouldn't have to wait too long for parcels but if you do, you know's Christmas.

UPDATE: As per each year we start to get a bunch of emails chasing up orders. Unfortunately we're just so stupidly busy this time of year that we can't reply to these emails unless they've passed a period of at least 12 working days. Might sound strange but things take a lot longer this time of year, we work until daft o'clock and we get things out sharpish but the post office are backed right up, yeah it might be frustrating but it's how it is at Christmas. Things will take longer to arrive that's an absolute given as above so please bear this in mind and please allow longer for your orders to arrive 99.9% of the time is all you need to do and it'll be with you. 

Cut off date for recorded mail this Christmas (for UK) is Friday 19th December. Which means that's the last time we'll be posting anything out pre-Xmas.

Overseas - Canada, Greece and Eastern Europe is the 9th December.
Western Europe, USA and (Static) BFPO  addresses is the 12th December.

This is what we're bound by, them's the rules of the postal serivce so anything else is completely out of our hands so once again please bear this in mind. ALSO please remember overseas customers, you don't get a tracking number unless you pay the extra costs for one on the store. Many thanks. TC

Monday 8 December 2014


You know the dance with this one by now. 
If you don't well...
'Proud to present one of the most sought after and talked about hats out there. The Weir Overlook.
Our little brand is all about immersing itself in the things we love and are passionate about, this is no finer example of that. This is one of a kind, inspired by that garish 1970's carpet from the spooky Overlook Hotel, from the chilling cult film adaption The Shining from 1980. As seen in Empire Magazine (Feb 2013) bought by loads of people from Oscar Winners to Suicide Girls. The one which broke all records when we sold 300 in a minute last year. Back by popular demand, the first, the original, the Connoisseur Overlook.' DC
Online Tuesday 7pm (GMT)