Tuesday 28 June 2016


Photography by Jake Millers.
Our latest round of shirts in collaboration with tuktuk are with us and the first release is the 'Sugden' shirt.
This Gingham style check comes in nice a nice colour combo of muted miniature checks. This would look good in the town or the country, so we're calling it the Sugden shirt as it would still look dapper after shoveling shite/shearing sheep all day and then having a nice good pint in the Woolpack! Button down collar, with a new asymmetrical double pocket design, locket loop and box pleat. Dual branded woven logo to top pocket, finished off with genuine mother of pearl buttons. Made from 100% cotton poplin. Excellent quality medium weight fabric with a soft hand feel. This one goes online this Thursday 7pm GMT (from both websites). TC

Tuesday 7 June 2016


Now then, this Friday see's the release of two new tees. 

First up the 'Forza Connoisseur' As part of tenth anniversary year, (we know, it's mad!) we got our friend from over the Pennines Adam Gill (Grammar Studio) to do us a nice new typography style design. 
Something a little different and nice and bright for the sun, whilst it lasts. What does Forza mean? Well there's a couple or three answers when you look into it, the literal translation is "to be strong", or "Come On!"/"Go!" ... So yeah basically strength, power and "Go Connoisseur" if you will and it's on Sky and Yellow.

And we've also got the 'Skull' tee. A collaboration with our Stockholm based friend A Northern Soul, this features a smaller chest print of the Skull in a hat design which featured on our 2nd Ebbets made caps. Monochrome vibes all day long here. White tee with black print. Also features the 'Fifty Fifty' logo to left sleeve based on the Sixty/Forty logo of yesteryear and because it's a 50/50 collabo! This one is on a tagless tee, which means there's no tags/labels on it, printed inner neck label, for a little change. BOTH online this Friday 7pm GMT. TC

Wednesday 1 June 2016


We've teamed up with our friends from Outskirts Moscow, to come up with the obligatory 'Euros' t-shirt.

Willie and Bobby are long term followers of their national side, they'll go far and wide for the Three Lions, putting their fierce rivalries back home, aside. That is until the inevitable early exit from the tournament for Woy's boys occurs and a combination of too much sea air, too much rich food and way too much strong continental lager takes it's toll and sees them kicking seven shades of shite out of one another in another terrible case of in-fighting.

Featuring a nod to France 98's fearless anti-hero only known as 'Green Shirt Mush' on the back hem of the t-shirt. With FREE exclusive cut-out stickers too. TC

Released tomorrow from 7pm