Sunday 29 November 2009


Sadly we have to announce the untimely passing of our Italian friend and forum member
'One True Roman' Federico Mai.

His close friend passed me this message on: Federico was born on March 17th March 1986 (St. Patrick's Day!) and died last Tuesday.
He was a great fan of As Roma, he's been a Mod since his youngest age than he started to appreciate the Casual Culture - far before everyone else!
He was a huge Oasis, Little Man Tate, Stone Roses fan, in love with everything concerning ''Madchester''. He was a reference for every young casual, skin and mod in Rome cause he discovered for us new bands and brands. His vinyl collection is extraordinary, expecially if you think he was just 23.
He use to read books that are still very hard to find in Italy - Kevin Sampson, for example. He was also starting to translate ''Awaydays''.
His heroes were Eric Cantona, Steve Mc Queen (his personal style icon) and Ian Brown. Had a lot of tattoes, including a portrait of the gas mask from ''Dead man's shoes'', which was his favourite one.
I think it's quite clear that he really was an extraordinary person, not just for us friends, but for all the kids in Rome, of any team and political simpathies.

His funeral will be tomorrow morning, and will be in a non religious way. We'll read some of his writings and poems, and at last we'll play ''This is the one'', the Stone Roses song.

Ciao! E grazie tantissimo!

Buon' anima

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