Thursday 17 December 2009


This months choice sups!

Little Valley Brewery
Fairtrade Organic Ginger Pale Ale 4.0% Abv
Light and Fresh pale ale with a hint of citrus and ginger.
Little Valley Brewery hails from the Upper Calder Valley in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. Founded and run by Dutch born Wim van der Spek a master brewer. All Little Valley’s beers are 100% organic, certified and audited by the Soil Association as well as Vegan Society and the CAMRA Real Ale in a Bottle approved.

Or if you prefer a traditional winter ale this time of year look out for local brewery Robinsons and their seasonal ale Mr Scrooge.

Mr Scrooge ABV 4.4% - Mahogany coloured festive ale with aromas of roasted malt and fruity hop. Full bodied premium bitter with a rich taste of malt and biscuit and complimentee by a hint of lemon and blackcurrant.
Whilst on the ale subject and with my 'Real Ale Twat' hat on, some sad news... Independent brewer
3 Rivers has apparently gone bump! The local brewer of such ales as Manchester IPA, Old Disreputable and
of course the short lived (before we became a dreadful farce) The Stockport County ale The Ghost Beer.

Keep on supping!

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