Monday 25 January 2010


Finally new stock and samples are filtering through, the quiet period is getting busier.
Three new tees will be available within the next few weeks.
We've also seen a sneak peak at the long awaited Connoisseur polo we're having produced to our own spec, which looks promising. But we'll leave it at that for now. We've been tinkering behind the scenes on the site (which is still in progress) and should help for your viewing pleasure with a more improved sleaker look to most pages.

The new tees are now up to preview, simply click on the images below.

The Abbey Road tee

Based on the dawdlings of our comrades and forum member Artyom Chernov and with Mila Mijanovich, we liked their freehand sketches so much we put them on a tee, tweaked by ourselves this gives a fresh, alternative and Connoisseur take on the Beatles famous Abbey Road shot. Available on Sky and Slate grey tees.

The Subb Collar tee

The new Subb collar tee sees our little plastic mascot and his mates in a fresh and original style.
Available on Grey Marl with orange and chocolate men, and possibly Navy with yellow and tangy blue men - subject to a final screen print capability! We push the boundaries with this one.

Hooligans Against Acid

A design which has been in the pipeline for yonks, in the late 80's during the casual to rave crossover - the whole country went mad for ecstasy during the heady club days.
So much so that, for a while briefly killed of the casual era, it was alleged that a group of Chelsea's lads released their own t-shirt depicting their dis-satisfaction for it. This tee pays homage to two bygone era's, as time has passed with an added twist of irony.

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