Thursday 11 February 2010


England's new away kit, not normally of great interest if i'm honest, but the fact (as they did with the home kit) they've got desginer Aitor Throup (he off recent CP mille miglia design fame) on board again and they're pushing the boundaries with the tailoring technical ability aspect certainly adds some interest.

Check Football Shirt Culture for more details and a couple of videos. The Guardian has an interesting and albeit a bit of a scathing report on the way Umbro are marketing the shirt, They used a Kasabian gig (In France) to unveil it. They do have a point, it does all feel a bit forced trying to appear to be cooler.

Either way the design process is clearly in depth and a lot of thought has gone into the process it's certainly got people talking about it one way or another.
As for it helping or indeed a possibility of finally bringing the cup home again, well who knows. A month or so ago things looked a lot brighter. Though as horrible as footballers may be off the pitch on it the togetherness is currently at a rather 'delicate' stage. The British media have a large part to play in that of course, with their recent revelations and the captaincy issue. Come Summer they'll be going to town when they're consumed in World Cup fever. A fickle bunch, 'eh?

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