Tuesday 9 March 2010


Here's a quick update to let you know of our plans and what might be happening here at The CC.

As the warmer months slowly start to creep in we'll be releasing more brand new Tee designs and restocks of some of the favourites and best sellers. We'll be looking at a World Cup themed month in late May/June where we'll be ensuring restocks of our take on the classic World Cup Mascots from '66 and '82 respectively Willie and Bobby are available and who knows maybe even a brand new England tribute tee.

We have two new designs just gone in for sampling, subject to screen printing success they'll be more details about those very soon. We also hope to bring some more new, different and alternative product to you over the coming months so watch this space. We have plenty of plans of what we'd love to release, believe it or not and I guess a pitfall of being independent - the hard part has been finding the elusive perfect 'contact' (or lack of) in the fields we need to deliver the right product! We'll keep on searching...

Last but by no means least ~ the continual roller coaster ride that has been trying to get a Connoisseur Polo Shirt done properly and made to our exact specifications (as opposed to just off any old shelf) continues to be a little up and down for us. This is the third attempt we're on and believe me we have our fingers, toes and testicles crossed that we'll be able to bring them out for Summer! Any updates and news regarding these or anything else you'll hear it here first.

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