Friday 9 April 2010


Blimey it's been a whole week since the last post! Apologies but we've been mad busy!
We've got new product and restocks in new colours being added to the site as and when we get them.
We're just playing the waiting game at the moment - a couple of forthcoming new items should be available any time soon, just watch this space.
We've (admittedly) rather belatedly joined up to facebook and set a page up there. I know it's late but better that than never at all hey. It's only been up about 10 hours and already there's over 100 fans. So maybe it was worthwhile after all. It's fiddly though. Still trying to get it as we want it so bear with us.

Sad news yesterday on the passing of punk pioneer Malcolm McLaren. If punk passed you by originally then you more than likely got onto hip hop something McLaren is cited as introducing to these shores back in the day. The former Sex Pistols manager and impresario died from cancer aged 64.
MALCOLM McLAREN 22 January 1946 – 8 April 2010

More updates when we get them!


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