Saturday 24 July 2010


Chinos, cords, jumpers, crews, heavy boots, classic outdoor/hunting steez, all the traits of any other collection you might see previewed for a release in the coming months, saw this earlier this evening and thought it all looked pretty decent, okay, there's plenty of bits that are unacceptable in many ways, then it was later revealed, somewhat cleverly I hasten to add, that it was actually Top Man.
Being ever so slightly fickle, this left me a little cold, losing interest in an instant, I haven't, and couldn't go there. But where does it end? it's the old look versus label argument, the occasional high street crossover, M&S crew necks and Gap corduroys, Reiss and H&M, those one or two bits you might need, we've been there, is this simply a case of the high street tapping into to the market as they would and often do, a wise move for them, but not for us trendies? especially the snobs amongst us, who wants every Tom, Dick and Willy funboy dressing like a modern day outdoorsman in Red Wing-and-Barbour-alikes? or does that sound c*ntish for even thinking this way? if this was previewed for a host of other labels one or two bits would probably be on my shopping list.
However this is Top Man so it's largely inexpensive, and very easily obtainable, mass produced, there's one in every town, I quite like that sweat, or that elbow patch jumper, but will I get one? I'd go out in it, mixed up a bit, then and see an absolute devastator wearing it? so unforunately it's a no. Slightly interesting idea in passing, but not in practice.CD

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