Friday 6 August 2010


The ConDem party are making some rather nasty and cuts, just like the iron lady snatched the milk from the kids in the 80s, they recently cancelled free fruit in schools for the youngsters recently, but kept it quiet!
Now they want to undo the hard work of the British Film Industry by scrapping the UK Film Council. They want to scrap a company that makes £5 for every £1 spent and has helped revamp and revolutionise the British film industry, it doesn't waste money - it makes it. As well as creating many jobs it's now worth £4.5 billion a year and has never been better. The governments plans to scrap it will save just £3m a year!

Mike Leigh : "Scrapping the film council is like abolishing the NHS!"

If you have a spare minute sign this petition.YHN

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