Monday 25 October 2010


Seeing a trailer for a bizarre American version of below average UK television series Shameless, surprisingly starring the usually reliable William H Macy as 'Frank Gallagher', made me wonder just what else could translate over this side of the pond, I mean, why not eh? we could be really rather bad at this if we put our minds to it, I'm just cringing at the thought of it.

NYPD Blue? YPD Blue. The mean streets of New York City haven't got a patch on the medieval streets of York City. George Costigan stars an ageing Detective solving such crimes as who broke into the Jorvik Viking Centre just last night.

The Wire? The Fuse more like, The West Baltimore setting is transferred transatlantic to East Burnage, Manchester following maverick Detective Kevin Kennedy finally returning to our screens as the hard drinking, yet hard working good cop 'McVitie'.

Eastbound and Down? NorthEast and Down. Paul Gascoigne makes his acting debut as a hard on his luck ex-superstar footballer taking a job as a supply teacher in Gateshead as he aims to rebuild his reputation and who knows? maybe even get back in the big league.

Mad Men? The glitz and glam of the 1960's American dream, is transferred to modern day Merseyside but very loosely based and somewhat lost in translation really, with a poignant tale of early morning starts working on the bins in Jimmy McGovern's hard hitting drama. Slick, Rula Lenska provides the buxom redhead sex appeal.

But what about this? The Soprano's?
Nah, they can't touch that, they wouldn't dream of going near one of TV's greatest shows of all time, surely not? They have! The Cipranous. New Jersey is replaced with Essex as a hard as nails half Greek crime family led by Tony Cipranou (Tamer Hassan) just check out that ensemble cast!

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