Thursday 2 December 2010


Crikey, blimey - It's all a bit crazy at the moment in more ways than one! So here's another little update about where we're at...
Yesterday's brand new release the Limited Edition Weirisle Bobble Hat has gone and SOLD OUT over a few hours again! Thanks for the support and apologies if anyone missed out. Like the third installment of the Weir Bobble a few weeks back - we anticipated they wouldn't hang around too long but didn't expect them to go as quickly as they did! It's been rather manic yesterday!
Anyway those orders are on their way out now, we're battling through them to get them posted out quickly! Adverse weather slowing things down aside, people should get them over the next few days/early next week all being well.
There is another edition of The Weir coming over the next week or two. Again it's limited quantities over three new colours, you'll hear about it on here and the other social networks first! It's clear they won't be available too long either. Whilst it's tempting to cash in on them and do re-runs, that's not how we roll, so whilst they might be another brand new one round the corner, these have to remain as advertised and very limited edition, that's how it is.

Regarding Sweatshirts, they are on their way! We'd hoped they would be out by the end of this week, but unfortunately this crazy weather has scuppered that momentarily. Fear not though they'll be here soon barring any more delays from mother nature and you'll soon be able to cover yourself in a choice of our two new mint toasty sweats.
As well as a few other options, hopefully before Christmas, watch this space YHN .

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