Thursday 14 July 2011


You might've noticed it's been a quiet this last week here at Connoisseur HQ - So here's a quick update about what's happening with the forthcoming releases! With summer holidays and the fact that the printers are of course overran due to this time of year too, so it means a lot of stuff is running a little late, this is out of our hands and typically, like waiting for a bus, it's all going to come at once.

Forthcoming tees - 'Essential Kit' - the third in our collab series will be out from next week. So too will be a restock of the Protectors of the North tee, The black Tinted Lens tee which sold out very quickly on their initial release, also due to demand for it a limited run of an old favourite - Madness.
Then hot on the heels of that lot we have got the much anticipated Stone Roses tee too, specially commissioned by Peter O'Toole this promises to be one of the most exciting releases of the summer.

If that's not enough or lovely premium shirts are also ever closer to going on sale. We've had to wait for a few little bits to arrive for those which has delayed them a short while, but they'll be hitting the site very shortly and trust us, worth the wait. We hope to have them up for previewing this weekend including all details, pricing, sizing and of course lots of pics! YHN

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