Monday 12 September 2011


It's been about three years since we first scribbled plans for a bucket hat, but for one reason or another we never quite got around to it over the last couple of summers, not for the want of trying though. Now though we have plans in place for the 'Næss' bucket hat in a collaboration with our Swedish mates Our Culture. Whilst it's not strictly a summer hat we feel it's just a little too late for releasing this year so we will be holding back until next spring. Combining the town once world renowned for it's hat manufacturing, the great outdoors and Scandinavian fishermen and hill walkers, this is the perfect summer accompaniment to the winter Weir hat.

Arne Næss was a Norwegian philosopher, Professor of Ecology, Green party candidate and all round good egg, a true ambassador of the outdoors. The hat is named the Næss hat in honour of this Protector of the North. Just yesterday we met up with one of the Our Culture guys and looked at the first sample, it was worth both thumbs up, a real decent quality rigid cotton hat, deliberately designed in a more seldom seen 'plant pot' style stiffer cut - a really cool shape and unfussy kind of fit, coming with an array of button badges, ventilation grommets and two handy pockets for your Kendal Mint Cake and Snus. All being well, available next Spring. CD

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